Sometimes the results just speak for themselves.

Georgia State 38, Tennessee 30.

Not Georgia, mind you. That would have been understandable. No, Georgia State of the Sun Belt Conference.

If that score speaks for itself, so does the sadness:

An eagle-eyed #SurrenderCobra enthusiast? Sign me up:

Now it’s back to the action:

Another cobra:

It was hard for Vols fans to keep their heads up:

South Carolina fans, meanwhile, had the pose down forward and backward:

The smiles faded for Gamecocks fans as the Tar Heels’ rally was on:

And Auburn fans felt glum for a long time before the Tigers stunned Oregon in the final seconds:

Elsewhere, the bad feelings were mutual:

The sparkle began to fade in Tallahassee:

UCLA couldn’t catch a break after losing to Cincinnati:

Iowa State survived a scare against Northern Iowa:

And the cobra struck one more time in the “Rocky Mountain Showdown.”

That’s good Surrender Cobra form, at least.

One more for the road, as South Florida took the most lopsided loss in program history on Friday, 49-0 against Wisconsin:

Yeah, that’s a familiar feeling.