The Iron Bowl result gave Alabama fans a rare appearance in “Sad fans are sad,” something fans from other schools are more familiar with, especially this season.

Tennessee fans, for example, gave their latest 1,000-foot stares during not only another SEC loss, but another loss to Vanderbilt, this time at home.

For South Carolina fans, they weren’t sure whether to turn away from the action on the field, or direct their disgust at the officials during the blowout loss to Clemson. Or, in one case, the rarely seen Surrender Cobra facing away from the field.

But not all fans of losing teams made appearances this week in Sad fans. Ole Miss and Auburn, for example, each reacted with anxiousness and worry as their opponents were poised to score, scored to tie the game, or they watched as a star player went down with injury.

And of course, the Sad fan All-Stars are always those poor souls who must react to the events on the field going against their team while wearing body paint, a circumstance that played out in Columbia, S.C. and Atlanta for the losing teams in Rivalry Week.

Miami fans, meanwhile, had something in common with Mississippi State supporters. Neither could watch their team lose, either an undefeated season, or a loss to an arch-rival. So burying their face was the best option available.

Here are Week 13’s Sad fans are sad: