Tennessee really is making this too easy.

Last week, the Volunteers had an inexcusable loss to Georgia State. On Saturday, the Vols endured an inexplicable defeat against BYU.

Both were at Neyland Stadium.

You know what that means: It’s time to cue up a load of sad Tennessee fans.

Tennessee was one of four SEC teams to lose on Saturday. Arkansas lost at Ole Miss in a game where, obviously, one SEC team had to lose. Vanderbilt lost to Purdue in a battle of two meh teams in West Lafayette. Texas A&M lost at Clemson, which should not hurt the Aggies’ resume one bit.

That leaves us with even more Tennessee:

And how can we let this topic go without a Surrender Cobra? We can’t:

Just to rub salt in the wound, Georgia State struggled with FCS program Furman early:

GSU pulled it out 48-42, which means that Tennessee’s strength of schedule … oh, forget it.

LSU-Texas was a major matchup with national implications in Austin, and there was some star power as usual on the Longhorns’ sideline:

Pregame, it seems someone found a topic about which folks on social media complained even more than they did about the BCS a few years ago:

Razorbacks fans feel a bit trapped, it seems:


It will be a long road for Arkansas:

A pretty good portion of the country was rooting for Army on Saturday — well, we all root for the U.S. Army, but you know what we mean. The gridiron Black Knights played a great game against Michigan in Ann Arbor and, just like last year against Oklahoma in Norman, took a traditional powerhouse to overtime on the road.

Just like that 2018 game, fans of that powerhouse had a lot of nervous moments against Army before pulling out the victory.

Syracuse was ranked No. 21 going into Saturday but got smoked at Maryland:

Not a fun day to wear orange — unless you’re at Clemson, obviously.