Sadness swept over the SEC in Week 5 as many teams found a way to disappoint their already hurting fanbases. It was a tough day across the state of Mississippi, as Ole Miss and Mississippi State both suffered blowout losses, while both LSU and Tennessee fans got wakeup calls that their programs may not be what they thought.

Welcome to Sad Fans, where TV cameras capture what fans’ faces can’t hide.

Vanderbilt vs. Florida 

There wasn’t a ton of photographic evidence of Vandy’s disappointment in a 38-24 loss to Florida, mainly because the ‘Dores kept it close throughout.

One famous Vanderbilt alum took to Twitter to vent his frustration, however:

Georgia vs. Tennessee

Yup, this one was bad. The best thing that Butch Jones currently has going for him is that LSU was upset by Troy shortly after the Vols 41-0 loss to Georgia, which kept every writer in America from simultaneously hammering away on his obituary. Still, this kind of loss will sting for years to come.

Mississippi State vs Auburn

Two weeks ago, Mississippi State was labeled elite and Auburn coach Gus Malzahn was on the hot seat. Now, the world is upside down and no one is sure who is good. Because of this void between expectation and reality, there were plenty of sad fans in attendance for Auburn’s 49-10 drubbing of Mississippi State, though screengrabs of the event were limited.

Here are some happy Auburn fans, however:

Ole Miss vs. Alabama

After two weeks of Alabama sleepwalking through their schedule against Fresno State and Colorado State, and an infinite number of Finebaum callers demanding the Tide throw the ball down the field – boy, have they gotten their wish in these last two games. Alabama has now outscored Vanderbilt and Ole Miss by, what feels like, 1,000,000-0, and plenty of fans are feeling Saban’s wrath.

Troy vs. LSU

Welp. Les Miles was famous for his dominance against out-of-conference foes, and Ed Orgeron has followed that by an uncomfortably close win against Syracuse and an embarrassing loss to Troy in which the Tigers trailed 24-7 at one point. Time are tough in Baton Rouge.

Bonus: Sad AD and mascot