The SEC schedule is winding down, but there is plenty of embarrassment still to be had as faltering teams run out of cupcakes and games against Missouri to hide their deficiencies. In the SEC, football is a way of life, and when your team is bad, it’s a sad life to live.

This is SEC Sad Fans.

Idaho 21, Missouri 68

These games are like the Super Bowl for Mizzou – when their fast paced offense can overwhelm inferior teams and make the Tigers look like they belong with powerhouses like Vandy and Kentucky in the dregs of the SEC East.

No sad Mizzou fans, but plenty of happy doggos.

Tennessee 7, #1 Alabama 45

Bingo, gold mine.

Tennessee fans didn’t think they would win this one. In fact, the probably hoped they would lose it by whatever margin it took to get Butch Jones fired on Sunday. Sadly, they would lose by *almost* that much.

That didn’t stop some VFL hopefuls from handing out Jones’ résumé in hopes that someone would hire him away.

Oh, the shame!

The whole day, and many other recent Saturdays, could be best summed up by this conversation between one Tennessee fan and his dad. We have no idea what they’re talking about, but strangely, we know exactly what they’re talking about.

One more photo and a healthy dose of hopes and  prayers for Tennessee fans everywhere:

#24 LSU 40, Ole Miss 24

You tried, Ole Miss.

The Rebels haven’t had an easy go of this SEC season, but you can throw out the record when a rival comes to town. Sadly, you can’t throw out the roster, or invent a time machine to make Derrius Guice choose golf as a kid.

Head on back to The Grove, guys, there’s nothing for you here.

#21 Auburn 52, Arkansas 20

It would be great to show some sad fans from the fourth quarter of this blowout loss to Auburn, sadly, there were none left by then.

Welp, this is as close as we’ll get, it seems.

It’s ok, Razorback nation, better days are ahead.