The Texas A&M-Arkansas game was the most competitive one in the SEC on Saturday. The lead changed hands four times at JerryWorld, and an old rivalry crackled with new life one week after the Razorbacks took an embarrassing loss to San Jose State.

It was all a bit much for fans on both sides sometimes:

A&M has its moments of doubt:

Despite the hashtag, this, to us, is not a pure Surrender Cobra (we are very picky about our Cobras here), but OK:

A&M did pull off the victory after some tense moments …

… leaving Arkansas fans to contemplate their SEC losing streak, which reached 13. Oh, and this is proper Surrender Cobra form:

Arkansas also lost its starting quarterback to injury:

Look, this is not the space for fashion criticism (not from a middle-aged guy who still wears jorts sometimes), but we are not above letting others do it for us:

Perhaps the most interesting game of the day was in Chapel Hill, where North Carolina ran neck-and-neck with defending national champion Clemson all day:

The Tar Heels went for a two-point conversion and the win at the end, but Clemson denied them:

Ole Miss lost by 28 at Alabama, but we will only pick on the Rebels briefly because few thought they would win anyway:

Ditto for Nebraska, where the hype of a GameDay appearance and hope of an upset against Ohio State turned into a rout for the Buckeyes:

Western Michigan had an oddly specific social media burn ready for rival Central Michigan before their game (which WMU won 31-15):

And finally, one Oregon State fan makes peace with permanent sadness:

After all, even dumpster fires give off warmth, right?