Florida’s victory over Auburn on Saturday in The Swamp was the big talkng point both in the SEC and around the nation on Saturday.

The Tigers’ defense had looked excellent all season, and a good percentage of pundits predicted an Auburn victory over the Gators.

The result left Auburn fans searching for answers — and perhaps dreading the future, with top-5 teams LSU, Georgia and Alabama still ahead on the schedule.

Has the sadness just begun on The Plains?

One thing is for sure: Auburn-Florida produced a fair bit of emotional upheaval.

When Bo Nix threw a critical interception into the end zone to kill a promising Auburn drive, coach Gus Malzahn probably summed up the feelings of Tigers fans everywhere:

Florida fans certainly had their tense moments as well:

Evidently, one sitting at home contemplated what else was on TV. We do not in any way endorse switching channels when your favorite college football team is on for any reason (though the first two seasons of “Homeland” were pretty great, FWIW):

But at the end, Auburn fans were left with an empty, nobody-to-block feeling:

This tweet took a poke a Florida’s schedule. UF did beat two FCS foes before Auburn, but that does not mean this tweet aged well:

Meanwhile, Tennessee hung with Georgia for a while before losing 43-14. Reality set in quickly for Vols fans:

And one Vols fan might have had his mind elsewhere:

Tennessee did lead for a bit:

One thing unites all SEC fans together: Their mutual glee at any exchange like this among Big Ten fans:

For instance, Iowa held host Michigan to 10 points — and still lost:

And for a game that produced a completely expected result, Penn State routing Purdue made some fans of both teams feel a certain way:

Yes, that’s right, sometimes sadness can be in the eye of the beholder.