South Carolina shook everything up, especially in the SEC East race, with Saturday’s stunning victory over No. 3 Georgia in Athens. There was enough drama, tension and angst for a full Saturday’s worth of SEC sad fans, and that’s what we’re here for.

First, what’s more interesting here, the Dawg on top of the head or what appears to be makeup to celebrate Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” a few weeks early?

Georgia fans ran the gamut of sad expressions and emotions:

Athens offered modified Surrender Stefon here:

A Surrender Cobra there:

And one we will call Death Stare just for good measure:

The shock arrived early:

And lingered right into the second overtime:

Until the depth of the day finally sank in:

Gamecocks fans had their moments of doubt as well, especially when a potential winning field goal was missed:

But the day ultimately belonged to South Carolina, leaving Dawgs fans to hit the Surrender Cobra in tandem:

Florida lost to LSU, but the Gators put up a terrific fight, and UF fans should not feel down for long:

Kentucky rallied to defeat Arkansas but didn’t make a great impression:

And Vanderbilt? Oh goodness.

If Testudo seeks a place to hide after Maryland was embarrassed on Saturday, there might be an unexpected spot available:

You can never have too much innovation in today’s game.