Football is a rough game, but it can bring tears of joy as well. It did that for the Musto family this week.

Samford offensive lineman George Grimwade officially changed his name to George Grimwade Musto this month. His stepfather, Michael Musto, married George’s mother, Michelle, when George was in second grade, and he has helped raise him ever since then.

In a video released by Samford and shared on ESPN’s College Football Twitter account, George explains that his stepfather, who he now simply calls dad, doesn’t have a son to carry on his name, so he decided to change his last name to Musto. The offensive lineman surprised Michael with the news by presenting him the back of his football jersey on gameday.

Watch the video of George explaining what his stepfather means to him and their emotional exchange after Michael learns of his son’s name change below. Fair warning, you might need a couple tissues: