We’ve got a busy week in the SDS Mailbag, folks!

Let’s go ahead and dive right into your questions for this week:


Last week, I asked what band formed in an SEC town was the best. This week, what TV show set in (or involving) an SEC town is the best?

Last week you got me in trouble. I didn’t realize so many people consider REM the greatest band ever formed. Silly me.

Oh well, let’s try it again. Here were some options that Robert laid out to me:

  • Justified (Lexington)
  • The Queen’s Gambit (Lexington)
  • Ozark (Columbia, Missouri)
  • The Walking Dead (Atlanta area/Athens-ish)
  • Dukes of Hazzard (Atlanta area/Athens-ish)
  • The Riches (Baton Rouge)
  • Swamp People (Baton Rouge)
  • True Detective Season 3 (Fayetteville)

If we were talking True Detective Season 1, I might be swayed. That season was set in Louisiana, but it was closer to Lafayette than Baton Rouge.

My favorite of the above options is The Walking Dead. I loved the first few seasons of that show, though the final few have dragged on a bit.

I honestly had no idea The Queen’s Gambit was set in Lexington. That’s pretty cool. My wife loved that show, and it got plenty of accolades. That’s perhaps the most popular show set in an SEC town, but I’m still going with The Walking Dead as my personal answer.


Which SEC men’s basketball team has disappointed you the most so far?

It has to be Arkansas for me. I am a big fan of Eric Musselman and the job he’s done with the Hogs. His NCAA Tournament résumé speaks for itself.

I’m not pushing the panic button yet, as the Hogs started slowly last SEC season and we saw how that ended up when all was said and done.

But this year’s team is making too many mistakes and losing its cool way too often. Falling apart in the second half at Vanderbilt last weekend was inexcusable.

Now the Hogs basically face must-win SEC games in their next 4 league matchups – vs. Ole Miss, vs. LSU, vs. Texas A&M and at South Carolina. Those are 4 winnable games (even against the Aggies, who are currently 5-0 in SEC play), with 3 of them at home.

Go 4-0 there and I’ll start believing again. But the Hogs can’t afford to fall any further behind in the SEC standings.


What is Lane Kiffin doing with Ole Miss’s QB room?

I trust Lane Kiffin’s judgment when it comes to all things offense. If he’s adding Spencer Sanders to the mix, he probably feels as if he’s maxed out Jaxson Dart’s potential.

To me, the Walker Howard addition was a move for 2024 and 2025. Sanders is a move for 2023. I don’t expect Dart to still be on the Ole Miss roster in Week 1. But hey, maybe the added competition will bring out the best in Dart and it’ll be Sanders on another team for the start of the season.

Everybody complains that college football is becoming more like the NFL. Well, this is a very NFL move from Kiffin. He wants to find the best quarterback for his team, no matter whose feelings get hurt in the process. I respect that.

The Dart situation reminds me of the Daniel Jones situation with the New York Giants. People are saying the Giants “have to” re-sign Jones now that he’s led the team to the second round of the playoffs.


If a better option presents itself, the Giants would be stupid not to explore it. Same with Kiffin and Ole Miss.


Would you rather have your favorite college team make the College Football Playoff 2 years in row and fail to advance to the title game (like Michigan) or have it win 2 straight New Year’s 6 bowl games?

Well, my favorite college team is obviously Mizzou, so I have plenty of time to think about this question while the Tigers work their way into CFP contention.

The Tigers won the Cotton Bowl before it was a New Year’s 6 bowl game (kicking Arkansas’s butt, I feel the need to mention). Other than that, no NY6 games in my lifetime. So picking the NY6 options is tempting, but I can’t do it.

Making the Playoff (in its current iteration of 4 teams) is like making the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament. Even if you don’t win the title, it’s an incredible achievement that only a handful of teams can boast.

Give me the Playoff berths and the ensuing pain that comes from losing in the semifinals. I’ll take that every time.

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