It’s a bummer we have 2 SEC games canceled this weekend. And it also dampens the mood around the Georgia-Alabama game that Nick Saban won’t be on the sidelines.

But, having football at all in 2020 remains a big win, and I, for one, am thankful for the games that will be played. Kentucky-Tennessee should be fun, and, as I’ll discuss later, I think Texas A&M-Mississippi State could be a close one, too.

On that note, let’s get started with today’s SDS Mailbag! Here are your questions:


It’s generally agreed upon that weddings during college football Saturdays are a faux pas, but what about bachelor/bachelorette parties? Which would be the preferred college football inspired bachelor/bachelorette party: the full gameday experience (tailgating, game attendance), Las Vegas (or another sportsbook for a full day of watching and wagering), or another outing where you pause to watch your favorite team at a cabin/bar/restaurant before resuming the debauchery?

That is a wonderful question, Robert. We here at Saturday Down South are indeed against fall weddings in almost 100% of cases. However, bachelor and bachelorette parties can be handled appropriately. (I’m going to answer this question as if things are back to almost normal and we can travel around freely again.)

My bachelor party was in New York City, and we did go to a Yankees-Royals game as part of the festivities, so the game route is definitely respectable. My game experience was sandwiched between a day full of drinking and bar-hopping followed by a huge meal at a steakhouse. Then the game. Then more bar-hopping. It was wonderful.

I’d also fully support a Vegas trip. I love Vegas, and sitting in a sportsbook during March Madness (or any busy Saturday of sports) is a joy. You’re never too far from a TV or alcohol when you’re in Vegas.

Honestly, all of your suggestions sound great. I’d probably go live attendance and Vegas as my top 2 options, though. There’s no wrong way to celebrate getting married/your friend getting married. Just as long as you don’t get too drunk before the game starts!


After a couple of rough weeks, have you given up on Mike Leach and the Air Raid offense yet?

LSU’s secondary has been a disaster this year, which explains why Mississippi State QB K.J. Costello set the SEC record for passing yards with 623 in Week 1 against the Tigers. Since then, Mississippi State has scored a grand total of 16 points in 2 games, including 2 (0 of which was by the offense) against Kentucky last weekend.

But, I’m not giving up just yet. Leach threw the first punch, now the SEC is punching back. I think he’ll be up to the challenge. Will it be with Costello at quarterback? If he can’t stop turning the ball over (9 interceptions thus far), Will Rogers could be next in line.

Either way, I think the Mississippi State offense will eventually catch up. In fact, I’m flirting with picking an upset this weekend. I honestly think the Bulldogs will keep it close against Texas A&M. Maybe I’m crazy. We’ll see on Saturday.


What’s your favorite fall food?

I’m honestly not too sure what constitutes a “fall” food. I don’t like pumpkins or pumpkin-flavored things, squash, candy corn or anything like that. Is baked mac and cheese a fall food? I’ll go with that. But, I do enjoy a few fall drinks, so I’ll shift to that instead!

When it gets below 60 degrees, it’s officially Hot Toddy season in my book. Hot water, whiskey, lemon juice and honey (cinnamon stick optional) — simplicity itself. I also won’t turn down mulled wine when I find it. I didn’t used to be a fan of hot drinks, but that has changed in recent years.

For the past couple of Thanksgivings, I’ve been in charge of the drinks, and both Hot Toddys and mulled wine have been on the menu, for sure. I expect that to be the case again for our much smaller Thanksgiving celebration this year.

But, it doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving to enjoy a Hot Toddy, of course!


I saw something on Instagram recently about what game you would play if you could only play one video game for the rest of your life. What would your choice be?

I’m not a huge gamer, but I do have a PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation 3 that I use sometimes. I think I saw that post, too, and it has something to do with birth months. I included it here in case that is what you were talking about:

I’m irate that my March birthday would force me to play NBA Street Vol. 2, a game I had no idea existed until just now. Super Smash Bros. is an interesting option. I’d also highly consider GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64. Sports games are tough, because I don’t like playing football games during basketball season or baseball games during football season and so on and so forth.

Thus, if I picked NCAA Football 2006, which is an incredible PS2 game with an even better soundtrack, I wouldn’t want to play it for several months of the year when college football isn’t currently being played.

This is a tougher decision than I thought it would be. Give me GoldenEye, I guess. I’m sure I’d regret that decision after a few months, but oh well.

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