As I’m writing this, Mizzou has just been hit with a postseason ban for the 2019 season, and I am not happy about it.

For an organization that was already a joke, Thursday’s ruling is a new low. The NCAA hammered Mizzou for academic fraud, seemingly because it, unlike North Carolina a couple of years ago, cooperated with the investigation.

I mean, are you kidding me? The Tigers will appeal the decision, but let’s just say I’m not getting my hopes up.

I do take solace in the fact that Mizzou will be the last school to ever be disciplined by the NCAA, though. Why would any other institution cooperate with the NCAA again? North Carolina fights its allegations — cleared. Kansas basically ignores improper benefits being offered to a number of basketball players — all good! Mizzou admits a tutor did something wrong — postseason ban.

If any other school cooperates with the NCAA moving forward, they deserve to be punished, because they’re idiots.

Oh well, let’s move on to this week’s questions before I get even more upset:


What’s stopping the SEC from rotating the Kansas-Kentucky SEC/Big 12 Challenge game to schedule former Big 12 rivals Mizzou and Kansas (and Texas A&M and Texas)?

Well, as we mentioned above, we can’t rely on the NCAA to step in and do anything that makes even a remote amount of sense, so we’ll have to fix this on our own. The big problem, in my opinion, is the Big 12.

Right now, it’s fair to say that Kentucky-Kansas draws a bigger national audience than Mizzou-Kansas would, but that’s more of an indictment of the current state of Mizzou basketball than anything else. If the Tigers can become a top-tier SEC program, though, they still wouldn’t get to play their former rivals because the Big 12 would never allow it.

If Texas A&M and Texas aren’t meeting every year already, then what hope do the Tigers and Jayhawks have? None. That’s the way it’s going to be, sadly, until the Big 12 gets over the pain of losing the Aggies and Tigers to the SEC.


Maroon 5 is obviously doing the Super Bowl halftime show this year, but it feels like the NFL should be able to do better. Who would you most want to see doing the halftime performance? (I’m guessing it’s Taylor Swift on a stage full of corgis.)

While that hypothetical concert would certainly be on my bucket list, this one is easy for me, and it’s crazy that it hasn’t happened already. The answer to this question is the Foo Fighters. Now, I have to preface that with the qualifier that more and more musical acts are staying away from anything NFL these days, so I don’t know what bands have been offered and who has said no.

However, getting Dave Grohl and his crew out there on the Super Bowl stage would be one of the most-popular moves the NFL has done in a long time. The Foo Fighters are still super-popular and would put on a heck of a show.

A close runner-up for me (as this would be my dream show) would be to have some alternative bands from the ’90s (Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Chumbawamba, Lit, etc.) do a combined show.

Honorable mention to Red Panda, who should be involved with every halftime show for every sport.


Super Bowl parties at my parents’ house was our thing back in college. What are the best Super Bowl snacks we’d need my dad to make if we got the gang back together?

For those that have never had the pleasure, Shane’s dad is indeed an incredible chef. And they had a much bigger TV than anyone in our dorms/apartments throughout college, so that was the place to be.

With the big game coming up on Sunday, it’s basically just an excuse to eat and drink whatever you want for a full day. So, stock up on beer and enjoy some of these perfect Super Bowl snacks (whether or not your dad is a professional chef):

  • Wings — a classic, but No. 1 for a reason.
  • Bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies — Bacon? Check. Hot dogs? Check. Throw some brown sugar into the crockpot
  • Chips and dip — any kind of dip will do. It’s all good.
  • Tacos — my wife is going to make a bunch of pulled chicken for tacos on Sunday and I can’t wait. The house is going to smell amazing.
  • House special — Chef or not, every host or hostess has something that they love to cook and put their own twist on.

Common theme? No silverware. Just get the plates out and use those fingers to gorge yourself.


Does the turnover with assistant coaches reflect more on Joe Moorhead or on Mississippi State as a whole? Specifically those going to another SEC West school (Yes, I know it’s Bama).

At this point, I don’t think the turnover in Starkville is much to worry about. If assistants were leaving to take jobs at lesser programs or making a bunch of lateral moves, that would be worrisome.

However, losing Charles Huff to Alabama and Luke Getsy to the Green Bay Packers (a team he has a history with) isn’t that concerning to me. If anything, that shows that Moorhead is making quality hires and schools and NFL teams with bigger budgets are coming in and poaching them because they can’t find anyone better.

Yes, if this consistently happens, it will be worrisome, but for now, I think it speaks a lot to the quality of coaches Moorhead is bringing in for his program.


In your opinion, who are the most overrated and underrated characters from The Office?

This is going to be a controversial take, but I truly believe Robert California is underrated. Yes, the show was better with Michael Scott as the boss, but whoever ditched out on the show after he left isn’t a true fan.

Robert California is weird, eccentric and legitimately insane, but he’s better than DeAngelo Vickers or Charles Miner (the worst). Just look at RC’s highlight reel here:

The most-overrated character is also easy for me — Ryan. From shy temp to boss to deranged, shiftless hipster, his story arc makes absolutely no sense and he’s seemingly only around to play a “will-they-or-won’t-they” game with Kelly, which gets old. His only good moment in the later seasons is when he thinks Smokey Robinson died and Pam calls him out on his pretentiousness.

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