Only one spring game remains this year, and it’s Georgia’s, which will be played Saturday. After that, the NFL Draft starts Thursday, and then we’re facing a couple of football-less months before summer practices and training camps start up.

We could have been working toward the conclusion of the debut season of the Alliance of American Football, but my goodness, what a blunder that was. If only there were other football leagues in the past that had failed that the AAF could have learned from … oh wait, there are more than a handful of those.

Meanwhile, the XFL is gearing up to try again, with their target kickoff date set for 2020. That exact same league failed in 2001 and folded after only a year. I have confidence that Vince McMahon won’t fold the league midseason, but I just don’t see Year 2 happening.

Who will try to start a league in 2021? When will we get AAF, part two?

Basically, what I’m saying is that no one can compete with the NFL… except for me. Stay tuned, because if all goes according to plan, we here at Saturday Down South may just release the SDSFL in 2030. Only former SEC players allowed. Steve Spurrier will definitely be involved somehow.

Anyway, before I get back to work on that pet project, here are your questions for this week’s Mailbag:


How many SEC teams will make the College Football Playoff this year?

When you look at the landscape in the Power 5, this is a year that looks favorable for the SEC to get two teams into the Final Four. Alabama is going to be Alabama, Georgia and Florida look like juggernauts in the SEC East and Texas A&M and LSU are also poised for big years.

Then, let’s say Texas A&M knocks off Clemson in Week 2 — I’m not sure the Tigers have the strength of schedule needed to make the Playoff with 1 loss unless they get some help. Realistically, they’ll most likely be one of the four teams, but hey, we’re only trying to carve out two spots here.

In the Big Ten, Ohio State is entering its first season without Urban Meyer. Yes, Michigan looks good on paper, but Jim Harbaugh’s teams have perennially underachieved, so there’s a chance the Big Ten gets left out of the final four again.

The Pac-12 is the Pac-12, and that’s all I need to say about that. That leaves one spot open for the Big 12 champion, but it’s also possible Oklahoma and Texas go 1-1 against each other (with the second meeting in the conference title game) and neither gets in.

Lastly, Notre Dame travels to Athens to take on Georgia in Week 4, and if the Irish lose that game, they’re probably out. Based on all of that, yeah, I’d say there’s a good chance Alabama and either Georgia or Florida will be in the mix to win it all at season’s end.


What would have to transpire during the first round of the NFL Draft next Thursday to make it worth it for me to watch that instead of Avengers: Endgame?

As someone who is way behind on my Marvel universe viewing, I’d rather watch the first round of the draft regardless. However, I understand that — much like Game of Thrones — this is something that is very popular that I just happen not to be that big of a fan of.

Putting myself in the headspace of an NFL fan who also loves The Avengers, though, I’d say there are a couple of different things that would make me want to watch the draft instead. First and foremost would be someone trolling commissioner Roger Goodell on stage in front of everyone. That would be a great moment in TV history and something NFL fans would need to see live.

Also, a fight breaking out between players of rival schools (let’s say an Alabama and LSU player, or an Alabama and Clemson player, for example) at the draft tables would also be pretty interesting.

From an SEC standpoint, it should end up being a historic night. Three times (SEC in 2017, SEC in 2013 and ACC in 2006), a conference has had 12 players selected in the first round. This year, 12 seems to be on the low end when it comes to projected SEC first-rounders. It’d almost be more surprising if ONLY 12 SEC players were picked on Thursday night. If you want to see history, tune into the draft.


Which SEC mascot would you most want to party with?

To be honest, I want to party with them all, except for Ole Miss’s new shark thing and Vanderbilt’s Mr. Commodore. Mr. Commodore sounds way too formal, and he kinda reminds me of Buzz Killington from Family Guy:

But, for me, it’s hard to go against my alma mater, and Truman seems like a tiger who knows how to have a good time. I mean, the guy rides into every home game on a fire truck with “Welcome to the Jungle” playing, and he always douses the student section with water (or at least he did when I was in school).

Add in the cheap liquor and beer prices in Missouri and I’ll party it up with the best tiger mascot in the SEC (that’s a fact, so don’t argue with me).


With Thursday’s rumor that Bobby Petrino was working with the Mizzou quarterbacks (which has thankfully been disproven), who would be the most-surprising coach to see return to the SEC in some capacity?

Thankfully is right, Mr. Dobbe. Look, Petrino is a fine coach, and his track record proves that. But, my goodness, what a tough man to work with/for. He’s burned bridges everywhere he’s gone and he clearly doesn’t care about anything other than himself.

He’s definitely up there when it comes to surprising coaches, and I’m not sure I can power-rank them accurately. However, I can give you a few names (from recent years, since I’m not doing a big deep dive into the history of the conference or anything) that would be very surprising to see back on an SEC sideline in any capacity:

  • Bobby Petrino
  • Hugh Freeze (especially after teams tried to hire him this offseason)
  • Lane Kiffin (it already happened once, and it actually might happen again someday!)
  • Mike Price
  • Jim McElwain

I’m not saying none of these guys will get another SEC job. I’m just saying the media and fans would have a feeding frenzy (is that a shark joke about McElwain?) if their names surfaced in connection with an SEC opening.

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