We are less than a month from the start of SEC football. We’ve had some actual football-related news out of fall camps and, even though COVID-19 is still a major factor across the country, momentum is building toward fall football.

In today’s Mailbag, we’ll discuss some SEC legends, potential upsets and pick an SEC player to be cast as Batman.

Let’s check out this week’s Mailbag questions, shall we?


Who was your favorite SEC player growing up?

I grew up in the Midwest, so I watched more Big Ten football than anything else. I also liked Mizzou, naturally, but they were in the Big 12 at the time. But I did really like watching the Florida Gators, who were in the SEC on CBS slot quite a bit.

That 2000 Florida team (when I was 10 years old) was one I distinctly remember watching. My favorite player on that team, and thus the answer to your question, was CB Lito Sheppard. I loved watching him jump routes (he had 6 picks that year) and also contribute on special teams (2 punt-return touchdowns).

That team also had WR Jabar Gaffney, who had 1,184 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns as a redshirt freshman. Go back and look up his stats from his 2 years in Gainesville. They’re insane. He was incredible to watch.

And, of course, the 2000 team featured a freshman quarterback named Rex Grossman. He shared quarterbacking duties with senior Jesse Palmer, but he put up better numbers than Palmer that year.

That team still stands out in my memory, and Sheppard was the best of the bunch, in my eyes.


I have a friend who’s trying to bandwagon for an SEC team. He doesn’t wanna be basic and pick LSU, Bama or UGA. He lives in Houston, so he’s sick of Aggies fans. Who should he choose?

Might I suggest my beloved Missouri Tigers?

OK, I’m kidding. Kind of. Hey, Eli Drinkwitz has been the best quote in the SEC this offseason! Didn’t expect that after bringing Mike Leach and Ole Miss into the conference.

I’m not sure what is considered basic about LSU, Alabama and Georgia that wouldn’t also apply to Florida, since the Gators are also a top-tier team in the league. So I’m going to rule them out, too.

If your friend doesn’t want to hop on the Mizzou bandwagon (seriously, the Tigers have some of the best uniform combinations in the SEC, too!), you can’t go wrong with Kentucky. QB Terry Wilson is one of the easiest guys in the league to root for. The offensive line and defense are going to be amazing. And coach Mark Stoops is a loyal guy who has built a heck of a team in Lexington.

Your friend could do far worse than rooting for Kentucky this fall.


Looking at the SEC’s Week 1 schedule, there doesn’t seem to be many great games. Do you see any upsets happening to start the season?

Let me tell you what, the Alabama Crimson Tide better be ready for coach Eli Drinkwitz and the Missouri Tigers! (Just kidding, though I do hope Mizzou can avoid a massive blowout in Week 1.)

I’ll give you 2 games to keep an eye on in Week 1 — Florida at Ole Miss and Kentucky at Auburn. I would have been much more concerned about the Gators if the players (namely, 3 key receivers in Kadarius Toney, Trevon Grimes and Jacob Copeland) that were considering opting out had actually opted out. With them in the mix, though, I think they can avoid the upset to Lane Kiffin’s Rebels.

Auburn is another story. This will be the Tigers’ first game under new OC Chad Morris, and even though the game is in Auburn, Kentucky will be eager to make a statement. The Wildcats are frustrated that they weren’t in the Top 25 of the preseason AP Poll, and I think they have a point.

If QB Terry Wilson looks like his old self, the Wildcats could pull off the big Week 1 upset in the SEC.


If you had to cast one SEC player this year as Batman, who would you pick and why?

I have to admit, when I heard Robert Pattinson was going to be the new Batman, I was skeptical. But, after seeing this trailer, I am now intrigued.

You know who kind of has a similar vibe? Ole Miss QB Matt Corral. I could see him being a great Batman. He has that gritty look that Bruce Wayne seems to be taking on recently:


He seemingly has the sort of personality and charm Bruce Wayne-types have, and he’s from California, so you know he knows how to live the Hollywood lifestyle.

I think he’d make a great Batman. Maybe during the offseasons, he can get to work on filming?

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