We’re getting closer to finding out what the 2020 football season will look like. The Power 5 conferences are finalizing their schedules, so it should be only a matter of days until plans take shape.

Of course, even the best-made plans can fall apart, particularly during a pandemic, but it is encouraging that we’re moving toward a fall season at all.

Schedules and quarterback battles are just some of the things on your mind for this week’s Mailbag.

Let’s dive into your questions, shall we?


The SEC chose the 10-game conference-only schedule. But if it had added 1 nonconference game, which games would you have wanted to see?

Some of these will be realistic, but for others, I’m going to take a swing and say since it’s 2020, let’s make some crazy things happen!

The obvious ones that I think all parties want to preserve involve the SEC-ACC rivalries. So that knocks 4 teams out of the way:

  • Florida — Florida State
  • Georgia — Georgia Tech
  • Kentucky — Louisville
  • South Carolina — Clemson

Now, I’m going to start making some stretches. These games would have been awesome:

  • Texas A&M — Texas
  • Mizzou — Kansas

Those are some old Big 12 rivalries. Texas coach Tom Herman has said he would be open to playing the Aggies again, so that’s something. Let’s finish it off with these games (I’m leaving out Pac-12 and Big Ten schools since they are going conference-only):

  • Alabama — Notre Dame
  • Auburn — North Carolina (I was really excited for that game)
  • LSU — Baylor (Dave Aranda Bowl)
  • Tennessee — Virginia Tech
  • Ole Miss — Memphis
  • Mississippi State — Kansas State
  • Arkansas — Oklahoma State
  • Vanderbilt — Middle Tennessee

Alas, we know none of it is possible in 2020. But these games would have been a lot of fun.


With the NBA restarting this week, pick a starting 5 made up of former SEC players on teams in the Orlando bubble that you think could win a title.

There are a lot of tough choices to be made here. There are 48 former SEC standouts participating in the Orlando bubble, so it’s difficult to separate the best from the rest. Some choices are obvious, but others aren’t.

Here’s who I’d go with though:

  • Ben Simmons
  • Devin Booker
  • Jamal Murray
  • Bam Adebayo
  • Anthony Davis

Yeah, that’s 4 former Kentucky players, but there are 16 of them, so that’s no surprise. This team has lots of size, scoring and defense. And with Simmons handling the point guard position, Booker and Murray are free to just put the ball in the basket at will.


You’re Kirby Smart. Are you going with Jamie Newman or JT Daniels as your starting quarterback this year?

I’ve been going back and forth on this since Daniels received his eligibility waiver to play in 2020. On the one hand, Daniels makes sense if you want continuity heading into 2021. However, he’s coming off an injury, whereas Newman played all year for Wake Forest in 2019.

Personally, I’d go with Newman. I like the dual-threat aspect he brings to the offense, and I think that will be important as Georgia tries to reload along the offensive line.

Either way, it’ll be important to have both of them ready to go at a moment’s notice. If Newman starts and gets hurt, Daniels needs to play. If one of them comes down with COVID-19, the other needs to step in.

I’ll take Newman to start, allowing Daniels to continue to heal. But, once he’s ready, I’d also find ways to get Daniels some work.


If you had to choose 3-on-3 basketball teams with main characters from “The Office” and “Parks & Rec,” who would you pick to be on each team and who would win?

For “Parks & Rec,” I think I’d go with a team of Andy Dwyer, Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt. I definitely wouldn’t have Tom Haverford anywhere near that team.

For “The Office,” I’m going with Jim, Roy and Darryl. And that team is absolutely going to dominate the “Parks & Rec” squad. It isn’t even going to be close. In fact, “The Office” team will be up by so much late in the game that they’ll be able to put Stanley in to ice the victory:

The sheer size of “The Office” team would be able to overcome the energy the “Parks & Rec” squad would bring to the table.

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