Even if you aren’t an LSU fan (and I’m not), it’s incredible what the Tigers have done offensively this year. QB Joe Burrow is the Heisman favorite and is rewriting the passing section of LSU’s record books.

This week’s game against Auburn will be a lot of fun to watch, but this might finally be the year the Tigers beat Alabama again. Even if Tua Tagovailoa is fully healthy, they still have a chance.

Where is the next Joe Brady and how can we get him to Mizzou?

While y’all ponder that question, here are your questions for this week’s SDS Mailbag:


With Halloween coming up soon, what should each SEC coach dress as?

My dog Moneypenny is dressing up as a taco for Halloween. Do you want to see a picture of her? Here is a picture of her:

Anyway, here’s a costume suggestion for each of the 14 SEC head coaches:

  • Nick Saban, Surgeon — The Alabama coach could probably be a surgeon at this point with how much he’s learned about various injuries the past two seasons.
  • Chad Morris, SMU’s coach — He probably still has some of his old gear. Might be a good time to relive some of the good ol’ days before he came to Arkansas.
  • Gus Malzahn, Greaser — New Gus is cool. New Gus is confident. New Gus has swagger. Just throw on a leather jacket and slick back your hair and you have the perfect costume, New Gus.
  • Dan Mullen, Michael Jordan — Florida is a Jordan school and Mullen loves his sneakers. Put on your best kicks and throw on a retro MJ jersey.
  • Kirby Smart, Jim Chaney — Perhaps if Smart dresses like his old offensive coordinator, he’ll come back to Athens. Fans have booed James Coley’s offense the past 2 games.
  • Mark Stoops, John Calipari — This isn’t like last year when the Wildcats were on their way to 10 wins on the gridiron. Coach Cal’s basketball team is No. 2 in the preseason AP Poll and takes on No. 1 Michigan State on Nov. 5. Maybe Stoops could capitalize on some of that hype by dressing as the other Kentucky coach.
  • Ed Orgeron, The Rock — Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Well, teams around the SEC can smell what Coach O is cooking up in Baton Rouge this year. He needs a big WWE-style championship belt for Halloween this year. Also, The Rock was usually shirtless, and I feel like Coach O would appreciate that, too.
  • Joe Moorhead, Scarlet Knight — Too soon? Or not soon enough?
  • Barry Odom, The Riddler — Will Mizzou beat Wyoming? Nope. Will the Tigers take down South Carolina? Sure. Ole Miss? Yup. A 1-5 Vanderbilt team? No way. What is going on in Columbia?
  • Matt Luke, Ghost — Luke doesn’t generate much buzz, and the Rebels may be looking to move on from him this offseason if their struggles continue. Can’t fire what you can’t see!
  • Will Muschamp, Mother Goose — He already has the glasses. Now all he needs is the bonnet.
  • Jeremy Pruitt, Charlie Brown — Sorry, but Pruitt would be a perfect lookalike for Charlie Brown.
  • Jimbo Fisher, Boomhauer — Remember the fast-talking friend of Hank Hill on King of the Hill? He talks about five times slower than Fisher.
  • Derek Mason, Undertaker — Oh, you thought Mason’s Vanderbilt team was dead? Think again.

These are great ideas, if I do say so myself. Let’s try to make sure each coach sees this.


What’s your confidence level in Mac Jones this weekend against Arkansas?

He’ll be fine. He’s a redshirt sophomore who has seen plenty of action this year and has spent plenty of time with the Crimson Tide.

Don’t expect him to play at Tua’s level, but that might actually be a good thing for the Tide. The running game needs to get going, and against an Arkansas defense that ranks 13th in the SEC (giving up 182 yards per game on the ground), this is as good of a chance as they’re going to get.

The concern starts to set in if Tagovailoa doesn’t seem like he’s improving during the off week. If he can’t go for the LSU game on Nov. 9, then we’ll need to have a separate conversation about our confidence levels regarding Jones.


Which SEC Playoff contender’s alumni would you choose to call their school’s homer Playoff telecast (similar to what Turner does for the NCAA Final Four)?

Interesting question. I’ll go ahead and say that this year’s crop of SEC Playoff contenders include Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU and Auburn. So, here we go:

  • Alabama: This one is easy — Rece Davis on play-by-play, Greg McElroy as an analyst.
  • Florida: Another easy one — a 3-person booth with Erin Andrews, Laura Rutledge and Tim Tebow. Either Rutledge or Andrews can handle play-by-play. They’re both incredible.
  • Auburn: I’m going to put a curveball in here. Takeo Spikes gets the nod as the play-by-play guy, and I’m going to throw Charles Barkley in there as the analyst.
  • LSU: For the Tigers, we’re going to go with another 3-man crew. I’ll give Booger McFarland play-by-play duties, with Jacob Hester and Marcus Spears as analysts. Maybe we’ll let James Carville be the sideline reporter just to stir things up a bit.
  • Georgia: Going to have to be a little creative here, but let’s give play-by-play duties to Ryan Seacrest. He can call the game with Aaron Murray and D.J. Shockley as analysts.

Some of those teams would actually be pretty cool. If we’re talking an all-time broadcast crew, though, Ohio State’s would be hard to beat — Jack Buck and Kirk Herbstreit? That would be fun.


In your opinion, what are the 5 best Halloween candies?

I have to put a disclaimer out there first. I don’t like chocolate. So I’m just going to go with non-chocolate candies for my top 5. Here they are:

  1. Gummy bears/worms
  2. Skittles
  3. Starburst
  4. Sweettarts
  5. Nerds

I used to love Warheads and Shocktarts and all sorts of sour candy, but now they split the roof of my mouth open, so I don’t like them as much. Still, you can’t go wrong with anything on the list above.

Just don’t give out those Bit-o-Honey things. Gross.

BONUS: Dobbe’s Locks of the Week went 1-2 last week, continuing his trend of being wrong. Fade these picks, people!

  • Texas at TCU (+1) — Big-time uniform week. TCU does a lot of crazy uniforms, but these are the craziest. TCU will be pumped up for this one and we’re due for another Texas disappointment.
  • Auburn at LSU (over 59) — We’re all excited for this one. I expect LSU to carry the scoring load. Their lowest point total this year is 36 and we know Auburn can score as well.
  • Wisconsin (+14.5) at Ohio State — That’s too many points, right? It has to be. The agitated Badgers will at least put up a fight.

Dobbe’s Locks of the Week 2019 record: 9-16-1

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