We finally made it, y’all! There’s actual, real-life FBS college football on tomorrow!

No, the SEC doesn’t start until Thursday, but hey, that’s between now and the next iteration of your beloved Mailbag, too!

The Saturday festivities get started with Nebraska at Illinois on FOX at 1 p.m. ET. I’m also interested in the Hawai’i at UCLA game on ESPN at 3:30 p.m. ET.

I can’t wait to have college football back. But, alas, I have to wait 1 more day, so let’s dive into some Mailbag questions, shall we?


Will the SEC go 14-0 in Week 1?

First, let’s take a look at the SEC’s Week 1 slate of games:

  • Thursday, Sept. 2
    • Bowling Green at Tennessee
  • Saturday, Sept. 4
    • Louisiana-Monroe at Kentucky
    • Rice at Arkansas
    • No. 14 Miami vs. No. 1 Alabama (in Atlanta)
    • Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State
    • Central Michigan at Mizzou
    • Akron at Auburn
    • Eastern Illinois at South Carolina
    • No. 3 Clemson vs. No. 5 Georgia (in Charlotte)
    • Florida Atlantic at No. 13 Florida
    • Kent State at No. 6 Texas A&M
    • East Tennessee State at Vanderbilt
    • No. 16 LSU at UCLA
  • Monday, Sept. 6
    • Louisville vs. Ole Miss (in Atlanta)

Based on that slate, I think Texas A&M, Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Tennessee all win comfortably. That’s 8-0 right there.

I think Alabama, Mizzou, Ole Miss and Mississippi State will also win, but their games might be a bit tighter.

That leaves us with Georgia and LSU. I predicted LSU would beat UCLA by double-digits in last week’s Mailbag and I stand by that. So now we’re at 13-0 for the SEC.

Now, we come to Georgia. I’m concerned about their injuries on offense. But, I also think Clemson’s defense is overrated this year.

Yes, the Tigers had like half of the defensive players on the preseason All-ACC first team, but … uh, last time I checked, that was the ACC. I think maybe 3 of those guys would have made the All-SEC first team, and even that might be generous.

Give me Georgia on a last-second field goal. Call me a homer, but yes, that makes for a 14-0 Week 1 for the SEC.


Now that you’ve seen a couple of preseason games, who do you have winning the Super Bowl?

My heart wants to go with my beloved Green Bay Packers, but instead I’m going to predict another gut-wrenching NFC Championship Game loss. Seems to be the M.O. for the Packers these days.

So, for the Super Bowl, give me a rematch between Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. This time, though, Mahomes and company flip the script and beat the Bucs handily.

It all depends on the health of Kansas City’s offensive line, but I really like that they got former Tennessee star Trey Smith late in the draft. He’s got a massive chip on his shoulder now and I think he’s going to be a big part of that revamped offensive line.

Then, obviously, I love that the Chiefs drafted Mizzou LB Nick Bolton this year. He and Tyrann Mathieu make a couple of big plays in the Super Bowl and Mahomes hoists his second Lombardi Trophy. Book it!


We all know SEC schools have the best tailgates before games. But, what non-SEC school would you want to go tailgate at if you could only pick one?

Give me Wisconsin, all day. I have a bunch of friends in Utah, a couple of them Wisconsin graduates, and they took part in the attempt to drink the town of Provo dry when the Badgers visited BYU a few years ago.

Camp Randall seems like a fun environment and I am a Midwesterner by birth, so I know Wisconsin fans are good people who can throw parties comparable to any SEC party.

Madison, Wisconsin, also seems like a fun college town, but even if I was confined to tailgating and then the stadium, I’m pretty confident I’d have a great time at Wisconsin. My second-place team would probably be Oregon. I’ve always wanted to go see a game at Autzen Stadium, and it seems like Duck fans probably throw a good party when their team is playing well.


Having a baby shower this weekend. What’s the best SEC-themed baby shower gift you can think of?

I think there are a couple ways you can go there. If you want to get something that the kid, and not the parents, will enjoy, I like the idea of a blanket. A cozy logo blanket from your favorite SEC team? That thing is sticking around for years!

Also, a stuffed animal of the school’s mascot seems like a fun idea. It might not be something the baby can play with right away, but down the road, it might work its way into the mix as a cherished toy.

If you want to get something the parents can use, you can’t go wrong with a logo bottle or a onesie, probably. I have to admit, I have no children and live far away from most of my friends who do have children, so I’m not exactly an expert in this field.

Seems like my ideas would be welcomed, though!

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