Spring game season is in full swing! There are a few SEC scrimmages on Saturday. Florida just had its spring game on Thursday. A few other teams have already had their spring sessions come to an end.

It might not feel like spring across much of the country, but warmer weather is just around the corner. Hopefully, soon, it’ll be nice enough to start getting out to college baseball, softball and MLB games.

But, for now, let’s just hope no other spring games feature snow like Kentucky’s did last weekend!

Now, let’s dive into your questions for this week’s SDS Mailbag:


JT Daniels just transferred to West Virginia. Do you think he or Stetson Bennett IV will put up bigger numbers in 2022?

West Virginia seems like it’ll be a good landing spot for the former Georgia quarterback, even if I think he would have been even better off transferring to Mizzou. Maybe he didn’t want to face his old team again? If so, I get that – I wouldn’t want to face a Kirby Smart defense, either.

But, Daniels has yet to prove he can stay healthy for a full season, so it’s no guarantee he starts every game this fall for the Mountaineers.

And, quite frankly, even if I could guarantee Daniels’ health, I’d still pick Bennett as the answer to this question. He enters Year 2 in Todd Monken’s system. He has Brock Bowers to throw to. He has a slew of 5-star guys blocking for him. He has talent at every skill position.

Georgia is a powerhouse, thanks in large part to Bennett’s ability to lead the offense. I expect him to put up big numbers this fall while potentially leading Georgia to another SEC East title.


What are your favorite non-SEC nonconference rivalry games?

Mizzou-Kansas hasn’t been played since the Tigers left the Big 12 for the SEC, so does that count? If so, that’s my answer. But, if we want current nonconference rivalries that don’t involve SEC teams, I will say these are my favorite annual rivalry games:

  1. Army-Navy
  2. USC-Notre Dame
  3. Pitt-West Virginia
  4. BYU-Utah
  5. Stanford-Notre Dame

Army-Navy is the easy choice for No. 1. The Backyard Brawl and the Holy War are always intense. And there’s something about Notre Dame taking on Pac-12 teams that I love. The Fighting Irish playing in the Rose Bowl is a great sight.

Now, if only we could ensure that Clemson and Georgia play every year. Alabama and Ohio State should start an annual rivalry, too. That’s just this writer’s opinion.


If you were drafting SEC players for a fantasy college football team this year, what non-QB would you take first?

This is a good chance for me to plug my guy Connor O’Gara’s recent column, where he argues that Tennessee WR Cedric Tillman. I can see his point, but that’s not the direction I would go, personally.

Tillman is a great choice and I do think he’ll put up big-time numbers in Tennessee’s offense with Hendon Hooker at quarterback, but I’ll take Brock Bowers. The Georgia tight end had 13 receiving touchdowns as a true freshman and had 882 yards.

He gets his quarterback, Stetson Bennett IV, back this year, too. And, if Georgia’s receiving corps can stay healthy this fall, it’ll prevent defenses from keying on Bowers (not that it stopped him at all in 2021).

All told, if Bowers can take even a moderate jump as a sophomore in 2022, he’ll be one of the biggest stars in the entire country, not just in the SEC.


What are your ideal hot dog toppings?

I’m pretty open with my hot dog condiments. I know some people are violently opposed to ketchup on hot dogs, but I’m fine with it. Honestly, I think mayo is a vastly underrated topping for a hot dog.

My ideal hot dog is a Sonoran Dog – bacon-wrapped meat, crispy bun, green chile sauce, minced onion, tomato, beans, mustard and mayo. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

You also can’t go wrong with a classic chili cheese dog. I’ve also seen some hot dogs topped with brisket becoming more popular lately, and I’m not mad about that!

Basically, there’s not a wrong way to eat a hot dog. Do whatever you like best, even if that involves putting ketchup on it.

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