We’ve made it, y’all.

This weekend is championship weekend in college football. Titles will be won and College Football Playoff spots will be locked up.

We’ll find out the 4 teams that make the Playoff this year on Sunday. Many think the field is already set, but one reader isn’t convinced championship weekend will pass without an upset.

Let’s start this week’s Mailbag there, shall we?


Which of the top 4 teams – Georgia, Michigan, TCU and USC – has the best chance of losing this week?

Well, only 1 of the teams involved in the 4 title games you mentioned has actually lost to the team it is playing already this season. That would be USC, as the Trojans fell to Utah in Salt Lake City earlier this year when the Utes went for 2 to win a 1-point game.

I’m predicting all 4 teams mentioned above win their games and advance to the Playoff (boring, I know). But out of all of them, USC has the best chance to lose. Utah is a heck of a team under Kyle Whittingham. Cam Rising is a strong quarterback.

Utah’s defense is also the Pac-12’s best in points allowed per game and yards allowed. The Utes will certainly be motivated to say “not so fast” to the Caleb Williams Heisman hype. (Side note, if you’re a voter who turns in your ballot before the conference title games, you should forfeit your vote.)

I see Georgia and Michigan winning fairly comfortably, with TCU and USC squeaking out close wins. We’ll see if I’m right!


Which is the better feel-good story? A walk-on getting a full scholarship or an interim coach getting the full-time job?

They’re both pretty cool moments, but the answer here is the walk-on getting awarded a full scholarship.

Those guys work so hard during the week and don’t get the chance to play on Saturdays. So when one of them rises up and impresses coaches enough to earn 1 of the 85 scholarships, that’s special to see.

It can be life-changing for the former walk-on and his family. I also really like watching the creative ways coaches are coming up with to surprise the players with the scholarships.

That’s not to take away from the special moment when the interim coach changes his title to head coach, but I’ll side with the player getting the scholarship as being the slightly more incredible moment.


Who is the worst Heisman winner since 2000?

There are a couple of ways to look at this. In 2001, Nebraska QB Eric Crouch earned only 27.75% of the total votes. That’s the least among all winners since 2000.

But in my opinion, Troy Smith, the Ohio State QB who won in 2006, was perhaps the least dominant of the Heisman winners, but he benefited from a down year. He won 91.63% of the votes.

Of course in 2015, Derrick Henry won, but many would argue Christian McCaffrey deserved the trophy that year. I personally think Henry was a fine choice, but I do see the argument for McCaffrey.

If you’re even in the conversation for the Heisman, though, you’ve had a heck of a season. Everyone who makes it to New York City is among the best in the game. I can’t wait to see who joins Caleb Williams and Max Duggan at the ceremony this year!


Should the contestants in the Dr. Pepper football toss only be able to throw overhand?

Oh dang, I had almost forgotten that this weekend is when the giant Dr. Pepper cans make their way to conference championship games around the country! I do enjoy watching them compete and don’t mind the chest passes.

It’s a competition, after all – do whatever you need to do to win. If it’s not illegal, I have no issues with it.

Now then, do I wish the chest passes were illegal? Sure I do. I think it would be a more interesting competition if they had to throw the footballs like actual footballs. Bring the Dr. Pepper cans out and have them do chest passes with basketballs during basketball games, if you want. That’d be fine.

Either way, though, it’ll still be one of the more entertaining halftime shows you’ll see this year. And the winnings go toward good causes, of course. A win-win!

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