Despite what officials from the Southeastern Conference may have tried to convey, the release of the two additional cross-division games for the 10-game, conference-only schedule from the league last week clearly favored several programs within the league while appearing to punish others.

How else do you explain Arkansas adding Florida and Georgia and Missouri adding LSU and Alabama? Meanwhile, Alabama added Kentucky and Missouri (instead of the speculated matchup against Florida), Georgia added Arkansas and Mississippi State and LSU added Vanderbilt and Missouri.

If there is a College Football Playoff this season, the SEC helped many of its league teams perceived to be in the running for those slots have the best path to get there by the end of the season.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel, on a recent SEC call, several coaches took issue with the lack of transparency from the league on how those games were decided.

“Sources: The SEC coaches call on Thursday became contentious. At least five SEC coaches expressed frustration over the lack of transparency regarding the inability to produce a ‘formula’ for how the two additional league opponents were chosen,” Thamel reported on Friday.

While we all sit on pins and needles hoping there is a fall season, the SEC coaches are arguing over who has to play who during the first conference-only schedule.

As the saying goes, it just means more.