The era when SEC linebackers wracked up 100-tackle seasons like candy on Halloween is long gone.

As offenses have thrown more and operated at faster tempos and used a larger swath of the field in the last few decades, career tackle totals for the conference’s best defensive players have dipped.

Only one player ranking in the conference’s Top 10 career tackles list, Kentucky’s Marty Moore, played after the 1980s, and his college career ended in ’93. Just a few SEC players have reached 425 career tackles since, including Georgia’s Greg Bright (453; 1994-97) and Tennessee’s A.J. Johnson (425; 2011-14).

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Surprisingly, Kentucky dominates the SEC’s career Top 10 list, claiming four of the top nine. (Two of those players, Jim Kovach and Moore, went on to enjoy successful NFL careers.)

Interestingly, Alabama doesn’t have a single player on the list, while Ole Miss and Florida claim two players each.

No current player has cracked the Top 50 even only dating back to 2005, so we’re unlikely to see any new additions to this list by the end of the 2015 season or any time soon. Making this Top 10 almost requires a strong freshman season. Vanderbilt LB Nigel Bowden led SEC freshmen with 78 tackles in ’14, and he’d need to average 130 tackles a season for three more years to make the list.

Tragically, the SEC’s all-time leading tackler, Andy Spiva, died in a car crash in 1979 at 25 years of age. A fifth-round pick by the Atlanta Falcons in ’77, he entered the ’78 season as the starting middle linebacker, but suffered a season-ending injury. The car crash took place in April of ’79, cutting short what could’ve been a strong career.

Here are the Top 10 all-time SEC defensive players ranked by career tackles.

Player School Tackles Years
1. Andy Spiva Tennessee 547 1973-76
T2. Freddie Smith Auburn 528 1976-79
T2. Jeff Herrod Ole Miss 528 1984-87
4. Jim Kovach Kentucky 521 1974-76, 1978
5. Chris Chenault Kentucky 482 1985-88
T6. David Little Florida 475 1977-80
T6. Jeff Kremer Kentucky 475 1984-87
8. Kem Coleman Ole Miss 472 1974-77
9. Marty Moore Kentucky 470 1990-93
T10. Scot Brantley Florida 467 1976-79
T10. Ben Zambiasi Georgia 467 1974-77
T10. Ray Costict Mississippi State 467 1973-76