Jermaine “Funny Maine” Johnson entertains us every Sunday of the college football season, but this year, he’s even producing content during the off-season.

Recently, Johnson ranked the SEC’s best uniforms with a spin: it can’t include Alabama. Many think Alabama’s classic uniforms and helmets are one of the best in college football. Interestingly, he ranks Ole Miss as having the best uniforms in the conference, because of the powder blue and red.

“Now, this may blog a few minds, but I’m choosing Ole Miss at No. 1,” Johnson said. “I mean, they just legit have a lot of good combinations that they put together with the red and the blue and the white and the gray, and when they brought back that powder blue, I love that powder blue look, man. I never root for them, but I’m a fan of that powder blue and red look. I just like it. I absolutely do.”