You want SEC Bias? We’ll give you SEC Bias!

The SEC Biased Committee

The committee needs to be re-worked. There’s not enough SEC experience on the committee. If these folks are going to determine the top four teams in the land, they need to have experience in the other league that plays real football.

Here are our suggestions to fix the Selection Committee.

Suggested Change #1: Replace Pat Haden with Paul Finebaum

How is Finebaum not on the Selection Committee? He’s surely the only person on radio or television that watches football.

Suggested Change #2: Replace Dan Radakovich with Brent Musburger

YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE. It doesn’t get old. He’s been calling games for 150 years, he made Katherine Webb famous and he’s going all in on the SEC Network. Besides, are we really putting the AD of Clemson on the Committee? C’mon man.

Suggested Change #3: Replace Mike Tranghese with Jesse Palmer

Alternate Candidate: Fellow Bachelor contestant and brother of Aaron Murray, Josh Murray

Is it the basketball credentials or the fact that Tranghese oversaw the demise of the Big East that got him the Selection Committee job? I respect the versatility but I prefer the skill set variety demonstrated by SEC athletes that have also appeared on ABC’s The Bachelor.


Now that we’ve fixed the committee, we can re-do the top 25 rankings…

The Top 25

1. Mississippi State
2. Ole Miss

All roads to college football championships go through the state of Mississippi. Sorry Alabama, Mississippi has taken over. Whether it is the Manning family or Katy Perry, the celebrities are buzzing about Misssissippi. Sure, Chris Fowler tweeted a photo of the now famous Katy Perry bar in Oxford and it looked like a corner bar in Baghdad, but Mississippi is on the up and up.

3. Auburn
4. Alabama

The two programs that have owned college football in recent years. The best defense oriented coach in the land and college football’s top offensive genius run these teams.

5. Oregon

Oregon is the top non-SEC team. The Ducks have a loss on their record, but Oregon nearly beat a Cam Newton led Auburn team in the BCS Championship a few years ago. Plus, we like Mariota over Jameis and we’re prepared to give a hat tip to Oregon when Chip Kelly is named the Florida Gators head coach in the coming months.

6. Florida State

We strongly dislike Florida State, QB Jameis Winston and Head Coach Jimbo Fisher. We’re thrilled that the country is beginning to see what we’ve known for years: Florida State and Tallahassee are complete garbage. Who knew that the country would be rooting for Bobby “The Savior of College Football” Petrino Thursday night as he battles the evil Noles?

7. Georgia

Georgia does have a loss, but we’re willing to overlook at it as a pure moment of genius out of the Ol’ Ball Coach. South Carolina may not be great this year, but Spurrier is incredible when he’s motivated. Clearly, Mark Richt still motivates him.

Georgia has the best player in college football, yet he’s been suspended for several games now. The fact that Georgia got better with Gurley out proves that they’re a top team in the land.

8. Michigan State

We like Michigan State next in our rankings because Mark Dantonio is a Nick Saban disciple.

9. Kansas State

We like the Kansas State Wildcats next because their only loss is at the hands of the mighty Auburn Tigers. An SEC loss is the definition of a good loss.

10. TCU
11. Baylor

These teams may as well be one in the same. We look at them as a couple decent football teams that get pushed around by any team that has “SEC athletes”.

12. LSU

SEC! SEC! SEC! Oh, and Leonard Fournette would win a Heisman this year in the Pac-12.

13. Arizona
14. Arizona State

The mid teens seem like the ceiling for any football team from Arizona.

15. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has as much talent as anybody in the country, but Bob Stoops’ endless comparisons of the crappy Big 12 teams and the crappy SEC teams (is there even such a thing as a crappy SEC team?) means 15 is as good as it gets for the Sooners this year.

16. Louisville

We anticipate Bobby Petrino’s SEC experience at Arkansas will lead him to knock off the ‘Noles this week and quickly dominate the terrible ACC conference.

17. Utah
18. Ohio State

Utah had Urban Meyer before Nick Saban ruined him. It continues to pay dividends for the Utes. Ohio State gets Urban Meyer post Nick Saban which means he’s half assing it against a terrible conference. 18 slot for you, Buckeyes!

19. Duke

The only time Duke has been any good at football is when Spurrier coached there and when SEC veteran David Cutcliffe took over.

20. West Virginia

The Mountaineers get the 20 slot because they had the balls to travel to SEC Country and face Alabama.

21. Nebraska
22. UCLA

These teams are average and we needed a two average teams to fill in the low 20s rankings.

23. Clemson

The only reason they’re ranked is because they played Georgia. Frankly, we’re not sure Dabo Swinney would qualify as an equipment manager for an SEC team.

24. Texas A&M

Sure, the Aggies have looked horrendous for the last month, but Johnny Manziel went into Tuscaloosa a couple years ago and beat Nick Saban.

25. The 2008 Florida Gators

Tebow may be a little fat from sitting on broadcasting sets for months now, but we think Aaron Hernandez may actually be in good shape because of that whole prison workout thing.