From College Football Playoff to who knows in three weeks.

LSU’s season is in a catastrophic tailspin, slippage that will likely cost Les Miles his job despite a hefty $15 million buyout. Brandon Harris is playing without confidence and the Tigers have turned lethargic on defense. But there’s still Leonard Fournette, a main attraction as far as bowl committees are concerned. He’ll sell tickets and a fan base that historically travels well to postseason games (when the team is hot) should help.

I’m struggling with the Florida-based Citrus and TaxSlayer (Gator) Bowl games. If LSU beats Texas A&M in next week’s finale to finish 8-3, I’d assume Orlando likes the possibility of hosting Miles and the Tigers against Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines. But if the Aggies win and Georgia finishes 9-3 with a victory over Georgia Tech, I think the committee leans toward the Bulldogs.

The Citrus takes its pick of the SEC’s top available team (after Alabama, Florida) should both LSU and Georgia win, which could even be nine-win Ole Miss. The TaxSlayer is considered in the ‘pool of six’ and by rule, will be in consultation with schools and other bowl games to determine best fit. Jacksonville’s picked a team from the East three of the last four seasons.

The Birmingham and Independence Bowl games select after the pool of six matchups are finalized. Auburn and Kentucky will likely be the two 6-6 teams left in the discussion. The Tigers are already bowl eligible, but the Wildcats must beat Louisville next weekend to grab victory No. 6.

There’s hope however for a couple 5-7s …


  • College Football Playoff Semifinal (Cotton Bowl): Alabama vs. Oklahoma
  • New Year’s Six Sugar: Florida vs. Baylor
  • Citrus: LSU vs. Michigan
  • Outback: Ole Miss vs. Northwestern
  • Music City: Mississippi State vs. Penn State
  • Belk: Tennessee vs. N.C. State
  • Liberty: Arkansas vs. West Virginia
  • TaxSlayer: Georgia vs. Wisconsin
  • Texas: Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech
  • Birmingham: Auburn vs. Memphis
  • Independence: Kentucky vs. Virginia Tech

On the outside looking in: Mizzou, South Carolina, Vanderbilt