Winning 100 games at one program is becoming a thing of the past.

Rarely do coaches stick around at one program for the long haul. While many coaches are eager to take that next big job offer that comes with a fat check, others get worn out for the grind that faces them each and every Saturday in the SEC.

In this what-have-you-done-for-me-lately sport, we likely won’t see many coaches stick around, whether they end up getting fired early or they just get worn down from the everyday stresses and demands of the job.

Three SEC programs have never had a 100-game winner: Kentucky, Mississippi State and South Carolina. Bear Bryant won 60 games at Kentucky; Jackie Sherrill won 75 at Mississippi State, and Steve Spurrier has won 77 at South Carolina.

One coach you won’t find on this list that deserves to be mentioned is former Georgia Tech head coach Bobby Dodd. He coached at Tech from 1945 to 1963, finishing with an overall record of 142-56-7 while in the Southeastern Conference.

It also be noted that three current SEC head coaches have won at least 100 games at one program: Mark Richt (Georgia), Les Miles (LSU) and Steve Spurrier (Florida).

We look at the 100-game winners from every SEC program:

Alabama Crimson Tide

Paul “Bear” Bryant (1958-82) 232–46–9
Frank Thomas (1931-1946) 115-24-7

Arkansas Razorbacks

*Frank Broyles (1958-1976) 144-58-5

Auburn Tigers

Ralph “Shug” Jordan (1951-75) 176-83-6
Mike Donahue (1904-1906, 1908-1922) 106-35-5

Florida Gators

Steve Spurrier (1990-2001) 122-27-1

Georgia Bulldogs

Vince Dooley (1964-1988) 201-77-10
Wally Butts (1939-1960) 140-86-9
Mark Richt (2001-present) 125-44

LSU Tigers

Charles McClendon (1962-1979) 137-59-7
Les Miles, LSU (2005-present) 103-29

Missouri Tigers

+Gary Pinkel (2001-present) 102-63
*Don Faurot (1935-42, 1946-56) 101-79-10

Ole Miss Rebels

Johnny Vaught (1947-70, 1973) 190–61–12


Robert Neyland (1926-34, 1936-40, 1946-52) 173-31-12)
Phillip Fulmer (1992-2008) 152-52)
Johnny Majors (1977-92) 116-82-8

Texas A&M Aggies

RC Slocum (1989-2002) 123-47-2

Vanderbilt Commodores

Dan McGugin (1904-17, 1919-34) 198–55–19

*Weren’t in the SEC at the time
+Not all wins came in the SEC