The rescheduling of the Florida-LSU game that was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew continues to dominate much of the talk around the SEC. Due to the potential ramifications the matchup could have, playing the game remains a priority for the conference.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey spoke on several game broadcasts over the weekend saying the game needed to be played and released a statement on Monday reiterating that point.

“The presidents and athletics directors from Florida and LSU agreed on Thursday that the schools and SEC Office would make every effort to find a scheduling solution to their postponed game. As I have said, we need to play the game and we need to have people come together to find a way to make that happen. We continue to work with the universities to play this game.”

Several possible solutions have been discussed, and Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley released his own statement saying his school is working to get this game played. Right now, all signs indicate that the parties involved are working hard to make sure this matchup happens.