ESPN’s College GameDay is as ingrained into college football culture as any piece of sports media.

And perhaps the most recognizable segment of the Saturday classic is when analyst Lee Corso, who has been with the show since its inception in 1987, dons the headgear of the mascot for the team he picks to win the game at the site of the show each week.

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So with nearly 30 years of practice, you’d think he’d have this picking games thing down pat. After all, he doesn’t even have the tricky Vegas spreads to contend with, he’s just picking the outright winner.

But through 12 weeks of football this season, he’s posted a less-than-impressive 3-9 record in picking these games.

Lee Corso’s 2015 headgear picks

Week 1: Alabama over Wisconsin – HIT
Week 2: Oregon over Michigan State – MISS
Week 3: Alabama over Ole Miss – MISS
Week 4: Arizona over UCLA –MISS
Week 5: Notre Dame over Clemson – MISS
Week 6: Utah over Cal – HIT
Week 7: Michigan over Michigan State–MISS
Week 8: James Madison over Richmond – MISS
Week 9: Notre Dame over Temple – HIT
Week 10: LSU over Alabama – MISS
Week 11: Baylor over Oklahoma – MISS
Week 12: Ohio State over Michigan State – MISS

(Thanks to Cole’s GameDay Blog for logging all of Corso’s picks)

Corso was right in his Week 1 assessment of Alabama against Big Ten foe Wisconsin, but he has missed his last two chances at picking SEC games involving the Crimson Tide.

But what caught the eye of college football fans this week was that he picked against Michigan State for the third time this season, and for the third straight time they have proved him wrong by winning that game.

The fans let him know they are keeping track of that:

With GameDay headed to the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game this week, fans of both teams are already pleading their case for Corso to avoid picking their team:

Someone’s going to be very disappointed on Saturday.

Uncle Verne is lying to you (or he’s just bad at math)

When a game gets out of hand in the second half, part of an announcer’s job is to keep the viewing audience tuned in by selling how the game is not out of reach.

So it was no surprise that Verne Lunquist was trying to convince viewers that a 38-17 Ole Miss lead was not safe in the fourth quarter during Week 12’s SEC on CBS telecast.

I’m buying the idea, even if LSU was having trouble scoring, but Verne’s math was just a little off here:

Believe it or not, Twitter had an opinion on this:

Bonus Uncle Verne Tweets to brighten your day, because, well, it’s the one thing that seems to completely unite SEC fans of all different walks of life: