For this edition of SEC Debate, the SDS staff projects which two teams will square off in Atlanta for the SEC Championship on Dec. 6.


Jon Cooper (@JonSDS): Mississippi State vs. Georgia

While the popular pick is Alabama vs. Georgia, I’m going with Mississippi State vs. Georgia. Although beating Alabama will be tough, MSU also has LSU and Auburn in its back pocket, as both still have to play the Crimson Tide. UGA doesn’t have the East sowed up yet, as games against Florida, Kentucky and Auburn still loom ahead, but the Dawgs are certainly the projected pick right now. Something special is happening at Mississippi State, and not only is Dan Mullen having a great season, but the team has veteran leaders who aren’t fazed by the big stage. The Alabama-MSU game could decide the SEC West, and it’s setting up to be epic.

Drew Laing (@DLaingSDS): Mississippi St. vs. Georgia

I don’t think Missouri will be able to win out the remaining SEC games on its schedule, especially with how the offense is playing. For that reason, I think UGA represents the SEC East considering they have the tiebreaker over the Tigers. As for the SEC West, why wouldn’t Mississippi State win out? They’re undefeated thus far and will have a very, very good football team. They have the key ingredients: Heisman Trophy quarterback, strong running game and a solid defense. Dak Prescott and Josh Robinson form the best QB-RB duo in the country. Yes, road games against Alabama and Ole Miss will be tough, but they’ve passed every test so far and I like them to keep it going through the end of the season.

Jordan Cox (@Jordan_Cox): Mississippi State vs. Georgia

The Maroon and White Bulldogs showed up something on Saturday against Kentucky. Dan Mullen’s team proved they can win on the road in the SEC when they doesn’t play their best game. We all know what Dak Prescott can do with De’Runnya Wilson and Jameon Lewis on the outside, but it’s Josh Robinson that I believe is the X-factor for this team. The defense is vulnerable, especially in the secondary, but Mississippi State has gotten all of the favorable bounces and calls you sometimes need to win games. Georgia, well, they’re virtually rolling uncontested through the East. There is a scenario where if the Bulldogs lose to Auburn and Kentucky wins out, then the Wildcats would claim the East. But, the two teams still have to play head-to-head, so that scenario could be eliminated. This team is improving weekly, and that defense has really come around since the loss at South Carolina in Week 3. They’re a sleeper in the College Football Playoff picture.

Brett Weisband (@WeisbandSDS): Alabama vs. Georgia
The West is going to be a slugfest all the way through. Each of the top four teams in the division still has to play two of the others, but Alabama’s schedule makes the Crimson Tide the best bet to survive and advance to Atlanta. The Tide have to go on the road to face LSU in two weeks, but it comes after their bye week. They then get Mississippi State and Auburn at home, while those two teams and Ole Miss all face some serious road challenges. Georgia doesn’t need as much of an explanation; a simple look at the state of the SEC East will do.

Jason Hall (@JasonHallSDS): Alabama vs. Georgia

While Georgia remains a “big fish in a small pond” compared to its SEC East rivals, the West division will be determined in the coming weeks. Alabama found its stride after its 59-0 win over Texas A&M in Week 9 and will continue that success through the remainder of the season. The Tide will roll (pun intended) over No. 1 Mississippi State and reclaim the top spot in the SEC before capturing a redemption win over Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

Christopher Smith (@CsmithSDS): Mississippi State vs. Georgia

The Bulldogs can lose to Auburn at home and still take down the East ahead of a jumble of mediocre teams. The West is tougher to project, but I’ll go with the team currently without a loss. Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State and Ole Miss each have multiple tough games left in the regular season. The margin between them is nonexistent or small, depending on your subjective opinion. So I’ll go with the team who’s already leading by a game. Dak Prescott, Josh Robinson, De’Runya Wilson and friends are capable of outscoring any team in the SEC. The Bulldogs give up gobs of yards on defense at times, but also force teams into turnovers.