College football recruiting is an extremely fluid process, and “110 precent committed” exclamations can never be relied upon until the ink has dried and the player has faxed the letter into the university on one of two National Signing Days.

Of course, fans are usually left frustrated and in the dark when decommitments happen, especially from highly-touted prospects.

So far, in the class of 2020, Florida and Tennessee lead the SEC with seven decommitments each. Ole Miss and Vanderbilt are the only two SEC teams to have not suffered a decommitment for the class of 2020 yet.

Below is a team-by-team breakdown:

Alabama Crimson Tide (4)

  • 4-star QB Carson Beck (Committed to Alabama on March 3)
  • 4-star WR Dazalin Worsham
  • 4-star DE Jordan Davis (Committed to Mississippi State on July 5)
  • 3-star ATH De’Rickey Wright (Committed to Ole Miss on June 22)

Arkansas Razorbacks (1)

  • 4-star WR Ze’Vian Capers (Committed to Auburn on July 1)

Auburn Tigers (5)

  • 4-star OLB Quandarrius Robinson (Committed to Alabama on June 11)
  • 4-star LB Demoyuy Kennedy (Committed to Alabama on June 9)
  • 4-star DE Andy Boykin
  • 3-star DT Damarjhe Lewis
  • 3-star RB Deondre Jackson (Committed to Texas A&M on June 16)

Florida Gators (7)

  • 4-star DT Kedrick Bingley-Jones (Committed to UNC on August 3)
  • 4-star RB Keyvone Lee
  • 4-star QB Anthony Richardson (Recommitted to Florida on April 6)
  • 4-star ATH Joel Williams
  • 3-star ATH Jaheim Bell
  • 3-star DE Morven Joseph (Committed to FSU on July 28)
  • 3-star DE Josh Griffis (Committed to FSU on April 19)

Georgia Bulldogs (1)

  • 4-star OG Akinola Ogunbiyi (Committed to Texas A&M on June 23)

Kentucky Wildcats (3)

  • 4-star DT Lamar Goods (Committed to Florida on June 21)
  • 3-star OG Richard Leonard (Committed to Florida July 5)
  • 3-star OT Gerald Mincey (Committed to Florida on June 9)

LSU Tigers (6)

  • 4-star DT Jaquelin Roy (Recommitted to LSU on July 26)
  • 4-star DT McKinnley Jackson
  • 4-star WR Darin Turner
  • 4-star ATH Jaden Navarrette (Committed to Oregon on April 19)
  • 4-star OT Courtland Ford
  • 3-star WR Kris Abrams-Draine (Committed to Ole Miss on June 25)

Mississippi State Bulldogs (5)

  • 4-star ATH Lideatrick Griffin (Recommitted to Miss State on June 21)
  • 3-star WR Alex Adams
  • 3-star WR E. Jai Mason
  • 3-star DB Trenton Yowe
  • 3-star OLB Jakivuan Brown (Committed to Ole Miss on August 1)

Missouri Tigers (1)

  • 3-star WR Trevor Kardell (Committed to Kansas on February 24)

South Carolina Gamecocks (3)

  • 4-star OT Issiah Walker
  • 4-star OT Javion Cohen (Committed to Auburn on June 1)
  • 3-star RB Mecose Todd

Tennessee Volunteers (7)

  • 4-star WR Leonard Manual (Committed to Florida on January 14)
  • 4-star DB Antonio Johnson
  • 4-star ATH Kristian Story (Committed to Alabama on July 18)
  • 4-star DE Jordan Davis (Committed to Miss State on July 5)
  • 3-star Ebony Jackson (Committed to Maryland on June 15)
  • 3-star WR Antonio Barber
  • 2-star RB Miles Friday

Texas A&M Aggies (2)

  • 4-star DB Major Burns (Committed to LSU on June 6)
  • 4-star OG Akina Ogunbiyi (Recommitted to Texas A&M on June 23)