Decommitments are a major topic in college football.

Often times, high school prospects make verbal commitments only to back off or decommit later in the year. With the new Early Signing Day, it’ll be interesting the effect it will have on decommitments, whether they will increase or decrease.

Thursday night, Louisville, Kentucky, DEĀ Shawnkel Knight-Goff became the SEC’s 15th decommitment for the class of 2019 since January. Obviously, many more will be coming, but just five months into the year, 15 really isn’t all that many.

Ole Miss leads the SEC with three decommitments for the class of 2019, while Texas A&M and Kentucky are tied with two each. The teams that haven’t suffered a decommitment yet this year are Auburn, Missouri and Vanderbilt. That will surely change.

Here’s every decommitment this year for the class of 2019:

  • Andrew Coker, OT, decommitted from Florida Gators on January 29 (currently committed to TCU).
  • Grant Gunnell, QB, decommitted from Texas A&M on February 13.
  • Ahdarrious Gee, ILB, decommitted from South Carolina on February 15.
  • Diwun Black, LB, decommitted from Mississippi State on March 4 (currently committed to Ole Miss).
  • Bobby Wolfe, CB, decommitted from Texas A&M on March 6.
  • Jaren Handy, DE, decommitted from LSU on March 15.
  • Luke Griffin, OT, decommitted from Georgia on April 8.
  • Trevis Hopper, DT, decommitted from Arkansas on April 10 (currently committed to Memphis).
  • Te’Cory Couch, ATH, decommitted from Tennessee on April 15 (currently committed to Michigan).
  • Brendan Gant, DB, decommitted from Alabama on April 22.
  • Lloyd Murray Jr., DT, decommitted from Ole Miss on April 25.
  • Braxton Ragland, DB, decommitted from Ole Miss on April 28.
  • Keontra Smith, LB, decommitted from Kentucky on May 13 (currently committed to Miami).
  • Jamond Gordon, DE, decommitted from Ole Miss on May 22.
  • Shawnkel Knight-Goff, DE, decommitted from Kentucky on May 31.