The BCS is no more, but the road to the national championship still goes through SEC country according to Jeff Sagarin’s well-respected power formula.

The objective Sagarin ratings were one of six computer-based formulas used to rank teams during the BCS era, but no longer directly tie-in to the selection process for the inaugural four-team College Football Playoff at the end of this season.

The selection committee will choose the participants based on strength of schedule, head-to-head results, comparison of results against common opponents, championships won and other factors.

The committee’s first poll will release on Oct. 28.

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For the first time this season following Week 8 games, Ole Miss holds the No. 1 spot in Sagarin’s ratings. His ranking for each team is determined by a ‘synthesis of three different methods’ — defined here.

Sagarin’s current college football Top 10 (strength of schedule nationally in parenthesis)

  1. Ole Miss 97.20 (13)
  2. Alabama 96.91 (9)
  3. Auburn 96.55 (3)
  4. Mississippi St. 93.52 (20)
  5. Georgia 92.44 (14)
  6. Oklahoma 91.44 (10)
  7. TCU 90.22 (26)
  8. Baylor 90.02 (48)
  9. Oregon  89.46 (27)
  10. Florida State 88.06 (36)

The nation’s second-ranked team in the polls this week, Florida State, is No. 2 in the Sagarin Ratings due in large part to a low strength of schedule. Alabama and Oklahoma are the only teams in Sagarin’s Top 10 that have played four Top 30 opponents this season (based on his formula used to determine strength).

You find Jeff Sagarin’s full ratings by team here.