The Princeton Review has updated university enrollment numbers from the 2014-2015 school year. Below is a list of the undergraduate enrollment numbers at each SEC school, from the massive to the small but mighty.

These numbers were pulled from each university’s Princeton Review profile.

Texas A&M 47,093
Florida 33,720
Alabama 30,752
Missouri 27,654
Georgia 26,882
LSU 25,572
South Carolina 24,180
Kentucky 22,223
Arkansas 21,836
Tennessee 21,664
Auburn 20,629
Ole Miss 18,101
Mississippi State 16,536
Vanderbilt 6,851

Largest Population: Texas A&M has the largest undergraduate population of all schools in the SEC, with 13,373 more students than the next largest school. That’s a lot of available people to fill a stadium.

Smallest Population: It shouldn’t be surprising that Vanderbilt has the least amount of undergraduates in the SEC. It has the lowest acceptance rate and is the only private university in the conference. The second-smallest school, Mississippi State, has almost 10,000 more undergrads than Vandy.

Best Public University: U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Florida at No. 14 on its list of best public universities in the nation, which makes it first among SEC schools. UF is tied with Penn State and the University of Washington. The next SEC school on the list is University of Georgia, at No. 20.