SEC football fans are some of the most passionate in all of sports. These fans try to show their pride in many ways, including making original songs dedicated to their favorite teams.

Most of these amateur videos are pretty terrible. Some managed to exceed expectations.

Let’s take a look at the SEC fan music videos for each team.


Our first song is “Bama Anthem” by the 63 Boyz. The group took its hook from the famous “Rammer Jammer” but turned it into a hip-hop song. Believe it or not, that will be a recurring theme with several of the SEC fan bases listed below.


You’ve got to give LizHoney credit, at least she’s being creative. Sure, she’s singing a ’70s ballad about her beloved Razorbacks in 2012, but no one can question her loyalty. Extra points are rewarded for putting her actual nose upright like the Hog snout. Plus, this video was made during the infamous John L. Smith era, so it’s not the worst thing to happen to the Razorbacks in 2012.


Who knew there were so many rappers in Alabama? This one comes from Auburn die hard iE. It’s a pretty generic rap song, not the best, yet not the worst. Although the hook is pretty repetitive: “ORANGE NAVY ORANGE NAVY ORANGE NAVY ORANGE NAVY.”


Pearly Whites has three key components to a successful rap video: partying, attractive women and an entourage. The only thing he’s missing is the ability to rap well. He’s basically some kid who attended UF and somehow had the means of putting together a quality music video, despite a lack of talent.


Ah, 2010. It was a simpler time when Miley Cyrus hadn’t yet twerked on a giant bear at the VMAs. Her song, “Party in the U.S.A.” was one of the most inescapable tracks of the year. It was so popular that UGA students decided to parody it for the school’s orientation video. The rest, unfortunately, is history.


Unsurprisingly, Kentucky’s fan made video is about basketball, not football. But that makes it the perfect embodiment of UK athletics. Here’s yet another rap song, this time celebrating the Cats’ NCAA basketball championship in 2012. Odds are there likely won’t be a football version any time soon.


Another student rap video. This one is by Lil Final Boyz celebrating LSU’s January 2012 BCS Championship Game appearance. The duo boasts about the Tigers’ undefeated season, which as we know now, ended with a 21-0 loss to Alabama. Unfortunately, this song wasn’t much better. EAT GRASS WITH IT!

Ole Miss

This song is based on the classic “Sweet Home Chicago,” so it’s catchy off the bat. The lyrics are changed to Ole Miss related things and it proudly displays fans, football highlights and The Grove. It’s one of the better songs included on this list.

Mississippi State

There’s no fan more synonymous with Mississippi State football than our old pal Stingray. While this isn’t an original song about the Bulldogs, it deserves to be included. The cowbell-waving superfan is doing his own rendition of WWE superstar John Cena’s theme song “The Time is Now.” Apparently, Stingray received a PHD in Basic Thuganomics.


The first few seconds of this song sound like a bad knockoff of T.I. Then the actual rapping happens. It sounds like a track off a CD you’d find at a gas station on a long road trip.

South Carolina

This is the catchiest rap music video included on our list. This song will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sorry about that in advance.


This. I don’t even remember how I came across it but I’m ashamed I did. As a Tennessee alum, this video is even more embarrassing than the Derek Dooley era. This guy’s flow is horrendous. The beat is so generic that any 12-year-old could create it on Garageband. The best part of this video is the comment section, where one YouTube user suggests T.G. Gutta should “Vol Walk right into the dentist’s office.”

Texas A&M

A&M students cashed in on the worldwide phenomenon of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” in 2012. Only this version is Gig ‘Em Aggie Style. The video was filmed during A&M’s first year in the SEC, so naturally the name “Manziel” is repeated numerous times in the chorus. Credit is due to the students for getting the video as accurate as possible to the original.


This is the most Vanderbilt rap song ever. The only thing mentioned before academics was that its “not UT.” Also, it used the instrumental of “Changes” by 2Pac yet had the most polite sounding flow in the history of rap music. But don’t feel too bad for emcee “Leemoney,” he’s probably a successful doctor or lawyer by now.