As we reach the middle of the SEC season, it seems like that we could have a weekend of pure chaos. College football in 2021 has really had 2 constants — Georgia and Alabama, and the latter had a difficult week against Florida. Other than that, every week is full of unlikely events and unusual outcomes. So here’s our weekly shot at guessing some of the craziness that will be SEC Week 6.

Arkansas upsets Ole Miss

It was a rough week for both of these teams, but the way that Arkansas was decimated by Georgia seems to have convinced people to pump the brakes on the Razorbacks. They really shouldn’t — that game was more about the dominance of Georgia than the shortcomings of Arkansas. Meanwhile, Ole Miss put a better face on getting thumped, but it was just as far behind Alabama as Arkansas was behind Georgia. Bear in mind that Arkansas still has the SEC’s No. 2 defense in total yardage (282.8 yards per game). Look for Arkansas to pull back into the West race with a 24-21 kind of win after a couple of key turnovers by Ole Miss.

AR-15 sees meaningful time against Vandy, emerges as starter

Dan Mullen is stubborn, but he isn’t foolish. Emory Jones has been fine, but Anthony Richardson brings another gear to the Florida offense. Florida’s 2nd loss with Jones means it’s time to get serious about playing Richardson. And Vandy is a perfect time to make it happen. Jones will still start this week, but it might be his last start in 2021. Richardson will pass for 200 yards and rush for 100 more in an easy Gators win.

Carolina feeling upset-minded

Watch for South Carolina on Saturday. Tennessee is coming off a dominant road win over Missouri. But the Vols are likely to be overconfident, and a Carolina defense that is far and away the SEC leader in turnovers forced might capitalize on that. Tennessee will make some plays, but watch for Carolina to force a couple of late fumbles to swing momentum. This one comes down to the final play, but Parker White will connect on a last-second field goal to sting the Vols.

Auburn leads early, stumbles late

Yes, Georgia really is that good. But Auburn has an explosive ground game and a defense that should at least slow the Bulldogs’ big-play attack. Now, nobody here is saying Georgia takes a loss. But we are saying maybe it stumbles through a low-scoring, quick-moving 1st half and goes in trailing at the half by something like 10-7. Georgia will right the ship and win a 28-17 kind of game. But this is the one that shows why a healthy J.T. Daniels will matter for Georgia in the CFP.

Not a bad day for Badie

Missouri back Tyler Badie is still one of the best all-around players in the league. With the Tigers looking to get back to basics, don’t be surprised if Badie shows all his skills Saturday. Book him for a 100-yard game on the ground … but also for a 100-yard game in receiving. Missouri’s offense is obviously its best shot moving ahead, and Badie is at the middle of it. The Tigers will handle North Texas, and Badie will have the all-around game that few in the league can.

Will Levis has a big day

On the other hand, Kentucky’s winning on the strength of its ball-hawking defense. But the Wildcats play LSU, already last in the SEC in passing yards allowed and down 2 starting defensive backs. Kentucky’s success will largely hinge on how well it can handle the emotional hangover of its upset win over Florida. But it’ll also hinge on Levis, who has 250 yards passing and 3 touchdowns in UK’s 28-24 win.

Bama does Bama things

Poor Texas A&M. Life doesn’t go well for those who show Alabama weakness, and while the Tide has played fairly close games with the Aggies in recent years, this feels like one where Alabama drops the hammer. How much? We’ll take the Tide to put up 50 in a 52-14 kind of win. Brian Robinson Jr. is great, Bryce Young is sharp and A&M is really, really struggling.