Which SEC teams have the best home records in recent history?

No. 1 is obvious with Alabama leading the way. The Crimson Tide have won 34 games over the last five years at home compared to just one loss. That one loss was, of course, to Ole Miss in 2015 43-37. Hugh Freeze and Chad Kelly led the way for the Rebels. Kelly threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns. The Tide committed three turnovers, too, which certainly didn’t help.

The Georgia Bulldogs have the second best home record at 28-5. Last year’s perfect 7-0 record at home helped UGA jump LSU over the five-year period. In fact, Georgia is 16-3 at home, including 13-0 the last two seasons. LSU is currently third with a 28-6 record.

The two biggest movers over the five year period headed into 2019 was Texas A&M and Kentucky. The Aggies finished 6-1 at home, with the only loss being Clemson, to move up the chart. Kentucky’s impressive 7-1 record in 2018 helped the Cats leapfrog several programs.


Alabama7-07-07-06-17-034-1 (.971)
Georgia7-06-03-36-16-128-5 (.848)
LSU6-15-16-16-15-228-6 (.824)
Auburn5-27-06-23-46-127-9 (.750)
Texas A&M6-15-36-26-24-327-11 (.711)
Florida5-23-35-06-13-322-9 (.710)
Miss State6-15-23-34-37-022-9 (.710)
Kentucky7-14-35-24-45-225-12 (.676)
Ole Miss3-44-34-36-16-123-12 (.657)
Tennessee4-33-46-15-24-322-13 (.629)
Missouri5-24-34-33-35-221-13 (.618)
S. Carolina5-25-25-22-44-321-13 (.618)
Arkansas2-52-45-24-35-218-16 (.529)
Vanderbilt5-23-44-23-33-518-16 (.529)