The Southeastern Conference has just revealed the kickoff times and broadcast information for the first three weeks of the 2021 season.

Here is the current schedule released by the SEC on Thursday:

September 2 (Thursday)

Bowling Green at Tennessee SECN at 8:00 ET

September 4

La. Monroe at Kentucky on SECN at 12:00 ET

Rice at Arkansas on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 2:00 ET

Alabama vs. Miami on (Atlanta) ABC (Chick-fil-A Kickoff) at 3:30 E

La. Tech at Miss. State on ESPNU at 4:00 ET

Central Michigan at Missouri on SECN at 4:00 ET

Eastern Illinois at South Carolina on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 7:00 ET

Akron at Auburn on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 7:00 ET

Georgia vs. Clemson (Charlotte) on ABC (Duke’s Mayo Classic) at 7:30 ET

Florida Atlantic at Florida on SECN at 7:30 ET

Kent State at Texas A&M on ESPNU at 8:00 ET

East Tennessee at Vanderbilt on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 8:00 ET

LSU at UCLA on FOX at 8:30 ET

September 6 (Monday)

Ole Miss vs. Louisville (Atlanta) on ESPN (Chick-fil-A Kickoff) at 8:00 ET

September 11

Alabama State at Auburn on SECN at 12:00 ET

Pittsburgh at Tennessee on ESPN at 12:00 ET

Florida at South Florida on ABC at 12:00 ET

South Carolina at East Carolina on ESPN2 at 12:00 ET

UAB at Georgia on ESPN2 at 3:30 ET

Texas A&M vs Colorado (Denver) on FOX at 3:30 ET

Mercer at Alabama on SECN at 4:00 ET

Texas at Arkansas on ESPN at 7:00 ET

NC State at Miss. State on ESPN2 or ESPNU at 7:00 ET

Missouri at Kentucky on SECN at 7:30 ET

Austin Peay at Ole Miss on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 7:30 ET

McNeese State at LSU on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 8:00 ET

Vanderbilt at Colorado State on CBSSN at 10:00 pm ET

September 18

New Mexico at Texas A&M on SECN at 12:00 ET

Chattanooga at Kentucky on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 12:00 ET

Southeast Missouri at Missouri on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 12:00 ET

Tennessee Tech at Tennessee on ESPN+/SECN+ (Digital) at 12:00 ET

Alabama at Florida on CBS at 3:30 ET

Georgia Southern at Arkansas on SECN at 4:00 ET

Miss. State at Memphis on ESPN2 at 4:00 ET

South Carolina at Georgia on ESPN at 7:00 ET

Central Michigan at LSU on SECN at 7:30 ET

Auburn at Penn State on ABC at 7:30 ET

Tulane at Ole Miss on ESPN2 at 8:00 ET

Stanford at Vanderbilt on ESPNU at 8:00 ET