Several from the SEC among college football’s longest tenured coaches

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The days of college football coaches staying at one university for 10 years or more are numbered.

In a list compiled by, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer is college football’s longest tenured head coach. Beamer has been at Tech for 29 seasons, and Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops is second on the list with 17 years in Norman, tied with Kirk Ferentz at Iowa.

Fourteen years is considered archaic, and both Gary Pinkel and Mark Richt have both been at their universities for 14 years. Just four of the SEC’s 14 head coaches have been at their institution for 10 years or more. Richt and Pinkel are tied for the fourth longest tenure in the country.

Here’s a look at the conference’s head coaches and their tenures:

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  • Gary Pinkel, Missouri, 14 years
  • Mark Richt, Georgia, 14 years
  • Steve Spurrier, South Carolina, 10 years
  • Les Miles, LSU, 10 years
  • Nick Saban, Alabama, 8 years
  • Dan Mullen, Mississippi State, 6 years
  • Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss, 3 years
  • Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M, 3 years
  • Mark Stoops, Kentucky, 2 years
  • Butch Jones, Tennessee, 2 years
  • Bret Bielema, Arkansas, 2 years
  • Gus Malzahn, Auburn, 2 years
  • Derek Mason, Vanderbilt, 1 year
  • Jim McElwain, Florida, 2 months
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  • Fire Pinkel!

    …why does it seem like we never hear this from Mizzou fans, but hear it daily from UGA fans?

    • It is kind of odd. I would be willing to bet CMR has a better winning percentage, coaching in a tougher conference all 14 years . Maybe it’s because they have been so-close so many times? Maybe they always seem to lose a game every year they should win , or labeled under-achievers? Maybe it’s because they seem to always recruit the very best in the country or the state of Georgia produces great college talent year in and year out. With great players, great facilities, huge rich fanbase . It just all should equal a trophy or two. At least that’s what I hear all the time.

    • Gee, he’s 23-5 over the last two years with 2 SEC East Division #1 finishes. Yea, Mizzou fans should definitely be calling for Pinkel to be fired… that sure makes sense.

      • I intended that as satire. It’s a compliment to Mizzou fans the way it was meant.

        Mizzou fans as a whole seem to be very appreciative of the job Pinkel has done, even without a championship. I wish I could say the same for a lot of UGA’s fans. I understand and feel the frustration every year, but Richt has done well above average with our program. Dooley only won 1 title and he was there 17 years before Herschel came along.

        • Some Missouri fans understand and appreciate satire!

        • Sorry, I’m a used to UG fans bashing or backhanded complimenting MU, not using satire on here. My bad. I like Richt for UG and he’s done a hell of a job, especially with recruiting over the years. Every team has that one game, or two each year that they wish they could get back and redo, so we definitely understand that, but to desire a new coach simply because of one bad lose here and there? That’s silly.
          Mizzou fans suffered through too many bad bad horridly bad years to get down too hard on Pinkel unless he suddenly starts having consistently bad years with no sign of recovery.

        • I got it. Only whipped dogs yelp. It’s almost funny.

      • @picies……..Way to look stupid.

        • Looking stupid for not wishing to see a successful coach get fired? The stupidity has no bounds for you Bama!

        • Nope…Looking stupid for trying to defend Mizzou when nothing negative was said about them…….

        • I still can’t figure out how you avoided that cost hanger, because as idiotic as you are, it’s impressive.

    • Probably because GP had to fix a LOT. Mizzou was so far behind when HCGP took over it was like we played in a high school venue. Now it fills regularly, and the stadium receives a lot of improvements. Also keep in mind that we compete with 2 NFL programs, 2 MLB programs, and an NHL team all of which fill up pretty regularly. Mizzou football won’t ever be the hottest ticket in state, but it’s climbed the list a lot thanks to HCGP which speaks volumes given how bad we were.

      Also, we do have our share of people calling for his head at every loss.

    • Pinkel is the man!!!! Mizzou fans know where we were before Pinkel came. Mizzou won 2 bowl games the 20 years before he came to town. Now that recruiting seems to be improving i’m excited to see where this team can go, since Mizzou has had some success with mediocre recruiting in the past.