SEC football games are won in the trenches.

Just look at 2014. Auburn had one of the best offensive lines in the country, and Missouri stayed completely healthy with very talented players, along with a nasty defensive line.

Year after year, the SEC puts multiple players in the NFL Draft, and most of them play either defensive back or along the line of scrimmage.

Specifically, let’s look at the SEC’s heaviest offensive lines for 2014:

1. Ole Miss 326
2. Arkansas 325
3. LSU 321
4. South Carolina 318
5. Alabama 315
6. Florida 313
6. Missouri 313
8. Mississippi State 311
9. Texas A&M 307
10. Tennessee 305
11. Auburn 304
12. Kentucky 301
13. Vanderbilt 300
14. Georgia 298

Few notes:

  • LSU, Mississippi State, Arkansas and South Carolina all have five players listed over 300 pounds on the offensive line.
  • Florida’s Trenton Brown, listed at 348, is the heaviest O-lineman in the SEC.
  • Every O-line averaged over 300 pounds except Georgia, who may have the best running back corps in the SEC.
  • Arkansas, LSU and South Carolina are intriguing, because of the running back situations. Those O-lines are massive, and they have the running backs to enforce a nasty ground game.