Rushing the field is an age-old signature moment in college sports that the professional level doesn’t share, with fans celebrating on the field after a major win.

For all the joy rushing the field brings fans, it’s a headache for administrators and coaches, and the SEC is looking to put a stop to it and will up the fines assessed when fans celebrate on the playing surface, according to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Currently, the penalties assessed to schools whose fans rush the field are fairly paltry. First-time offenders are billed $5,000, second violations bring the fine to $25,000 and third-time offenses earn a $50,000 penalty. While the new penalties are still “in flux,” according to outgoing commissioner Mike Slive, the SEC is attempting to eliminate the act among fans.

“It’s an attempt to change behavior. I think we have changed it considerably, but there are still times when it happens. I think our folks felt the current fine structure is not sufficiently large enough to be a quality deterrent,” Slive said from the SEC meetings this week in Destin, Fla.

While the new fine amounts have not been announced yet, Slive said the league is “substantially increasing the fines.”