What does it take to become one of the “most hated” programs in college football? That’s unclear because no criteria was listed by The Spun but the site posted a top 10 list of the most hated programs entering the 2018 season anyway.

The usual suspects made the list – Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan were among them, but oddly enough USC and UCF were not mentioned. Of course, the Midwest programs weren’t the only traditional power to be listed as Alabama ranked No. 1 on the list.

Here was the explanation that was given for the Crimson Tide’s place on the list:

The Crimson Tide have just been on top of the sport too long to place any other team at No. 1. Alabama, coming off its national title win, is as strong as ever. People are surely growing tired of this Nick Saban dynasty. It might not be ending anytime soon, though.

But Alabama was not the only inclusion from the SEC as Texas A&M was listed. What the Aggies have done to rank among some of the most successful programs in recent college football is unclear but here’s the rationale that was given by The Spun:

The Aggies paid an insane amount of money to land Jimbo Fisher. The program’s fans probably think the team’s ceiling is higher than it is. They have an assistant coach feuding with the entire Big 12 conference. This is a hated program on the rise.

The full list:

  • #1 — Alabama
  • #2 — Notre Dame
  • #3 — Ohio State
  • #4 — Michigan
  • #5 — Florida State
  • #6 — Texas
  • #7 — Texas A&M
  • #8 — Penn State
  • #9 — Oregon
  • #10 — Clemson