An SEC Network analyst is in hot water for comments he made during the Arkansas at Missouri basketball game on Saturday.

According to Kyle Deckelbaum of KATV, the network was promoting the upcoming Friday, Feb. 14 women’s gymnastics slate when analyst Barry Booker chimed in with some comments about the gymnasts’ attire.

“Go hang out with the ladies,” Booker said, per KATV. “I want to go see some scantily clad girls.”

“The comments related to the sport of women’s made by basketball analyst Barry Booker during yesterday’s telecast of the Arkansas at Missouri men’s basketball game are inappropriate and do not meet the expectations we have for the SEC Network,” SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement. “The SEC’s women’s gymnastics student-athletes deserve our support for many reasons, including their dedication and achievement. We are in communication with the SEC Network and ESPN personnel, and I am confident this issue will be handled appropriately.”

The SEC publicly released Sankey’s statement via the conference’s official Twitter account. The network’s official account also tweeted its own statement:

The comments made during yesterday’s telecast were inappropriate and unacceptable. We take this matter seriously and are addressing it internally. SEC Network respects all student-athletes, and is committed to showcasing women’s sports with the utmost regard.

Mizzou defeated Arkansas 83-79 in overtime on Saturday.