In the long history of the SEC, there are tons of incredible players and amazing teams.

However, only one player on offense and one player on defense can lay claim to being the best of the best, and former Georgia OL Matt Stinchcomb, now an SEC Network analyst, made his picks on Friday.

According to the ex-Bulldog, former Alabama LB Derrick Thomas is the best defender to ever play in the SEC:

“Obviously, the career sack leader in this conference, and there have been some storied pass rushers, to be sure,” he said. “But you talk about game-changers, this guy was an offense changer. Back when teams used to huddle, you would have to know where is Derrick Thomas.”

Though many people would probably list former Auburn RB Bo Jackson as the best athlete on the offensive side of the ball, Stinchcomb instead went with another former Bulldog like himself, calling Herschel Walker the best of the best:

“It’s the fact that you could dominate and take over games the way that Herschel Walker did, a lot of people think that he’s the best in college football history, period,” he said.

It’s tough to argue with either of Stinchcomb’s picks, though the Jackson-Walker debate is certainly a big one among SEC fans.

Who would you pick as the best offensive and defensive players in SEC history?