All of college football will be debating, arguing and discussing what 4 teams deserve to be in the College Football Playoff.

Do Alabama and Georgia deserve to be in? What about Texas? This isn’t going to be an easy decision, and it may be the toughest decision for the committee in the history of the CFP.

The SEC Football Final crew debated on what 4 teams should be in the CFP.

The first team they broke down was Georgia, and there was a consensus among the entire desk what they think about the Bulldogs.

Jordan Rodgers had this to say about the Bulldogs:

“If you had to put your house on Georgia vs. anybody, you’re probably putting money on Georgia,” Rodgers said.

One area that could hurt the Bulldogs is they didn’t play the best schedule this year. They were not challenged in the non-conference schedule, and their best wins of the season were against Missouri and Tennessee. However, both of those games at home.

Analyst Tim Tebow brought up the fact that the Bulldogs lost a big non-conference game because of conference realignment.

“How much does it hurt now that Georgia didn’t play Oklahoma?,” Tebow asked. “It was supposed to be Oklahoma, but they played Ball State.”

A big issue for the committee is should it be about the most deserving or the most talented teams.

This is one that fans across the country argue, and Roman Harper said the committee has always gone with the most deserving. Stay tuned as it is going to be a fun next few hours in college football.