Heading into Week 9, it looks like the race for which two SEC teams will get to Atlanta is down to six.

On SEC Now, analysts D.J. Shockley and Jordan Rodgers broke down the division races Index style. We see “chance to win” percentages from ESPN’s Football Power Index all the time. Those percentages are based on efficiences and simulations. The DJI and JRI are (obviously) based on fell and how the analysts feel about each team.

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Here’s how each analyst forecasted the division races, with both predicting an LSU vs. Georgia clash:


  • SEC West:
    • LSU – 65 percent
    • Alabama – 27 percent
    • Auburn – 8 percent
  • SEC East:
    • Georgia – 51 percent
    • Florida – 47 percent
    • Missouri – 2 percent


  • SEC West:
    • LSU – 42 percent
    • Alabama – 39 percent
    • Auburn – 19 percent
  • SEC East
    • Georgia – 38 percent
    • Florida – 36 percent
    • Missouri – 26 percent

The full discussion with host Dari Nowkah can be seen in the video below: