SEC Network’s “SEC Nation” crew of Laura Rutledge, Tim Tebow, Jordan Rodgers and Roman Harper certainly have their fans. Naturally, they have their detractors, too. It’s all a part of the job.

But it’s good to see that the network is able to poke a little fun at itself, too.

On Sunday, its social media team gathered some of the harshest tweets it’s received and had kids read them. (The tweets were G-rated, of course.)

These kids are probably too young to have their own social media accounts—or know the meaning of the word “insufferable”—but it’s adorable to see their reactions to some of these tweets after reading them.

“That’s kind of mean. Whoever said this is not nice,” one girl said of a tweet calling for Rutledge’s removal from the show.

Great to see the SEC Network taking these remarks in stride, though. In a world of ugliness, it’s always nice to have a chuckle or two.