The Alabama Crimson Tide trailed Georgia entering halftime of Saturday’s showdown between SEC powerhouses, but in the third quarter, everything changed.

That’s when the Alabama offense took over, and the Tide ended up cruising to a 41-24 victory, leaving the Bulldogs wondering where they go from here.

On Monday night’s episode of “Thinking Out Loud” on the SEC Network, analyst Brandon Boykin — a former Georgia standout — issued an apology for doubting Alabama’s greatness this year (via 247Sports):

“I need to apologize Alabama, and I need to apologize to Nick Saban,” Boykin said. “I said you guys were good and not great, and I was very wrong. You guys were great, and why are they great? It’s because of the halftime adjustments that they made. Georgia did not score after halftime, and Mac Jones was getting rushed right? He was getting rushed by these Georgia defenders, but what did he do? Just step up and make the explosive plays that he needed to make.

“And I think that was the matchup that everybody was excited to see: these Georgia corners, the safeties against Alabama’s explosive receivers. And they really just got destroyed in this game. And so for me looking forward I know that it’s hard to beat the team twice, even if they might see this Alabama team later on. But if they can’t stop these offensive explosions and these receivers, I don’t see how Georgia can beat this team honestly. And this defense is great, but the secondary has to be better and they have to be able to stop these guys.”

Will we see another matchup between these 2 teams in the SEC Championship Game? That seems to be the most likely scenario right now, but there’s a lot of football left to be played this regular season.