The topic of oversigning leaves plenty of people on both sides of the fence. While it can help a school by giving it a Plan B, it also forces some recruits to consider one.

With that in mind, the SEC adopted a rule in 2011 that limited the number of signees between Dec. 1 and May 31 to 25, down from 28 previously.

Eventually, the NCAA joined the SEC in making 25 the cap for new scholarship players each academic year.

According to CBS Sports’ Jon Solomon, that hasn’t really affected the SEC very much. A look at the 2016 recruiting class rankings can also show that as the SEC makes up half of the top 10 classes in the country.

Solomon points out that in the five years from 2007-11, SEC teams averaged 25.4 players per signing class. In the five years following the adoption of the new rule, the SEC’s average has only dropped by -1.2, to 24.2.

Only three non-SEC schools matched or exceeded that average over that span: West Virginia (25.0), Ohio State (24.6) and Iowa State (24.2).

Incredibly, 10 of the 14 SEC teams have averaged 24 or more signees per class since 2012, while only those aforementioned three non-SEC teams have averaged at least that much over that period.