Greg Sankey is front and center with trying to navigate the modern world of college football and its postseason format.

The SEC Commissioner is reportedly still upset about the way the College Football Playoff expansion talks collapsed earlier this year, according to Pete Thamel of ESPN. He’s been openly vocal about his displeasure, and that’s going to guide league decision making. There’s been a general erosion of trust on the collegiate commissioner landscape since the chaotic COVID-19-addled summer of 2020.

One idea certain to be discussed by SEC officials in Destin is the notion of the SEC creating, running and profiting from its own intra-SEC postseason. The most obvious model is an eight-team one, but there are others that will be discussed.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey stressed that no seismic change is imminent. But he did mention that an SEC-only playoff, in a variety of forms, was among the nearly 40 different models that SEC officials discussed at their fall meetings.

“As we think as a conference,” he told ESPN on Monday, “it’s vitally important we think about the range of possibilities.”

Florida Athletics Director Scott Stricklin is prepared to consider this kind of option.

“We have an incredibly strong league, one that will be even stronger once Oklahoma and Texas join,” Stricklin said. “The focus should be on how we as a league use that strength to further position the SEC as we face new realities. Commissioner Sankey has encouraged our athletic directors to think creatively, and an SEC-only playoff is a different idea that we should absolutely consider an option.”