Everybody was waiting for LSU/Alabama, and it was quite a night at Bryant-Denny. But for some of the SEC … well, they’d just as soon you watch that Alabama/LSU game. In any case, after Week 11, here’s our SEC Power Rankings

14. Arkansas (2-8, lost to Western Kentucky 45-19)

In these enlightened days, most fan bases are patient enough to give a coach at least three of four years to turn around an underachieving program. That said, this is the kind of game that gets a coach fired in Year 2. To come in as a 1.5 point home favorite against a so-so CUSA team and lose by 26 points in a game that wasn’t even that close? Ouch.

13. Vanderbilt (2-7, lost to Florida 56-0)

Speaking of coaches looking for jobs. … Yes, the James Franklin years were probably an aberration, but this game felt like old-school Vandy, and that’s not meant in a good way.

12. Mississippi (4-6, beat New Mexico State 41-3)

This was an impressive win for the Rebels, but this came against easily one of the worst teams in FCS football. Let them take care of business against somebody vaguely in the same universe of college football as the Rebels and we’ll be more impressed.

11. South Carolina (4-6, lost to Appalachian State 20-15)

While the Gamecocks again fell victim to their brutal schedule, this felt like a game they should have won. In retrospect, it’s hard to fathom how a team can win at Georgia and lose at home to Appalachian State.

10. Mississippi State (4-5, off this week)

Here sit the Bulldogs, capable of beating teams ranked ahead of them and equally of losing to teams ranked below them. They’re very likely finishing the season with a bowl berth resting on the Egg Bowl.

9. Kentucky (4-5, lost to Tennessee 17-13)

Like most of these teams, ranking Kentucky is a crap shoot. The Wildcats got thumped by Mississippi State and they also thumped Missouri. But any chance the move to the top of this crazy quilt of the middle-to-bottom SEC teams went out the window against UT.

8. Missouri (5-4, lost to Georgia 27-0)

Not a surprising loss for the Tigers, who should still finish with 7 wins. It wasn’t that many weeks ago that it looked like they might nab 10.

7. Tennessee (5-5, beat Kentucky 17-13)

Much like Kentucky, who knows about the Vols? In a season of ups and downs, UT looks to be finishing with ups.

6. Texas A&M (6-3, off this week)

The Aggies had a week off, and thus remain above the fray and just above the middle of the SEC pack.

5. Auburn (7-2, off this week)

Meanwhile, the Tigers are a notch above the Aggies, stuck at the bottom of the SEC’s best teams. While it’s not what they wanted, there are half a dozen teams that would kill to be here.

4. Florida (8-2, beat Vanderbilt 56-0)

Florida’s never going to develop the physical running game most people assumed it would need after Feliepe Franks went down for the year. The good news is the Gators haven’t needed it. Playing defense and passing has worked pretty well and should for the rest of the season.

3. Georgia (8-1, beat Missouri 27-0)

The Bulldogs weren’t very sharp, but they took care of business and paved the way to the East Division title. That said, they have plenty of work to do to have a puncher’s shot at LSU in the title game.

2. Alabama (8-1, lost to LSU 46-41)

Would it be a surprise if this worked out better for the Crimson Tide than a win would have? The toughest thing on their schedule now is beating Auburn, while LSU will have to endure an extra game against (presumably) Georgia. It’s worth remembering that the College Football Playoff No. 4 seed is still in the CFP … and that could well be Alabama.

1. LSU (9-0, beat Alabama 46-41)

Is this a team of destiny? One thing we’ve learned is that the Tigers can take a bunch of hits and just bounce back and do their thing. Are they better than Ohio State? Or Clemson? Can’t wait to find out.