The rich got richer and the poor, well, a couple of teams got exposed in SEC Week 5. Again, for our SEC Power Rankings, we don’t consider the season to come, just the season that has happened on the field so far. And here’s what we see after Week 5:

14. Tennessee (1-3, off)

Arkansas merited a move out of the cellar, unfortunately for the Vols.

13. Arkansas (2-3, lost to Texas A&M 31-27)

This was an excellent effort a week after a horrible one. If the Arkansas team that fought A&M tooth and nail shows up from here on, it will end up higher in the rankings than this.

12. Vanderbilt (1-3, beat Northern Illinois 24-18)

Yes, it was finally a win, but the Commodores were outgained at home by NIU, which doesn’t exactly render Vanderbilt as the most imposing 1-3 team in the land.

11. Kentucky (2-3, lost to South Carolina 24-7)

For the second week in a row, it was a brutal offensive performance and a dismal loss for the Wildcats. The only good news is that the three teams ranked below UK all remain on the Wildcats’ schedule.

10. Ole Miss (2-3, lost to Alabama 59-31)

Yes, tough loss for the Rebels, but they showed genuine signs of life against the Tide. If the same offense that rushed for 279 yards on Bama shows up for the rest of the year, Ole Miss will make some noise.

9. Mississippi State (3-2, lost to Auburn 56-23)

Just a brutal loss for the Bulldogs in a game that wasn’t even as close as this lopsided score. Where was the defense?

8. South Carolina (2-3, beat Kentucky 24-7)

Yes, Kentucky was offensively challenged, but this was still an impressive running-game-and-defense victory for the Gamecocks.

7. Texas A&M (3-2, beat Arkansas 31-27)

It was a win, but it places the Aggies about as far in the middle of the pack as they could be. This effort wouldn’t beat very many of the teams remaining on the A&M schedule.

6. Missouri (3-1, off)

The Tigers don’t move, as they remain at the head of the non-big-boy group of the SEC.

5. Florida (5-0, beat Towson 38-0)

This was one of those game where the favorite really can’t do much to improve their position, but the Gators at least didn’t hurt their standing.

4. Georgia (4-0, off)

Yes, somehow we have Georgia at fourth in the SEC. The Dawgs haven’t really done anything wrong, but for the moment, Auburn looks more imposing. Would that hold up head-to-head? We’ll see.

3. Auburn (5-0, beat Mississippi State 56-23)

So this is what we waited for — nice passing game, smashmouth running game, rough and tough defense. You could argue that the Tigers should be atop these rankings, but for the moment, we’ll stick them here.

2. LSU (4-0, off)

We thought about Auburn in this spot too, but while the Auburn offense is just coming to life, the LSU offense is positively humming.

1. Alabama (5-0, beat Mississippi 59-31)

It’s such a fun offense to watch, especially that passing game. Can anybody defend it? Will the ho-hum defense hurt the Crimson Tide at some point? For now, they’re still the top dog.